5 Reasons Why You Should Go For the New Suzuki Cultus


About a month ago, Pak Suzuki unveiled the upgraded model of its popular family car, Cultus. Amid a fair bit of hype, the car received some positive reviews from the general public.

The previous Cultus car model sold over 240,000 units before it received a notable upgrade. Building on what its predecessor was known for, Cultus 2017 brings major changes in design and performance.

Suzuki revamped the looks, modernized the interior and improved the car’s performance by incorporating the latest technologies.

For those who might still not be convinced that Cultus 2017 is the best 1,000cc car from a Pakistani manufacturer, we give you 5 reasons that show why Cultus should be your go-to choice as a Pakistani car buyer.

Revamped Modern Design

From the very first look, it’s evident that the new Cultus holds no resemblance to its predecessor. It has a much bolder and modern design featuring curves and cuts like most cars from recent times. The front grill and the headlights give the car a solid character while the curves at the front and the sides are to aid aerodynamics.

The sports fog lights and alloy rims are a premium addition as well.


To top it all off, it is available in 7 color options.

Classy Interior

Just like the exterior, the interior has been redesigned from the ground up to allow for added space and new features.

The blacklit digital-analog speedometer combo meets modern standards while the smooth rotating controls are a step up from the previous model. To make journeys more comfortable, Suzuki has insulated the noise, added adjustable side mirrors, built-in Bluetooth connectivity and more.

Despite it being narrower, the car is still spacious from the inside. There’s ample leg space and headroom for a comfy experience. You get 254 litres of boot space as well.

Suzuki made sure the seats are high and windows are larger than before to allow for more visibility in crowded city areas.

Is It the Safest Local Car?

Cultus 2017 is the safest locally manufactured car in the market thanks to the car maker’s extended focus on passenger safety and car security.


It comes with Dual Front SRS Airbags and Anti-Lock Braking System. Child locks and other such safety features are also present.

In order to safeguard your vehicle against car theft, Cultus sports keyless entry with immobilizer feature and is available across all of its variants – VXR and VXL.

Fuel Economy & Performance

One of the most prominent features of Suzuki’s cars is that they offer very good fuel economy. The old Cultus was also pretty decent when it came to performance and fuel consumption but the new model sets the bar much higher.

Cultus 2017 comes with a K Series K10B 12 valve 3 cylinder 1,000CC engine and 5 speed manual transmission with front wheel drive. Power steering and improved torque delivery make driving a pleasurable experience. The new manual transmission allows for easier gear shifts and less noise.

What’s more exciting is that the car lasts about 20km/l (kilometres per litre) on average. Post- launch research has revealed that mileage is around 16-18km/l in crowded city areas while it tops 23km/l on highways and motorways.

Reasonable Price

Suzuki Cultus 2017 goes for Rs. 1,250,000 for VXR and Rs. 1,391,000 for VXL variant. Considering the features and the long-term savings thanks to the good fuel efficiency, it certainly is a reasonable price for this family car.


Some might still consider that similar Japanese vehicles are available in the market for similar prices, but those imported vehicles are used or refurbished. Suzuki also offers 3 years (or 60,000km) of standard warranty which cannot be availed with an imported Japanese vehicle.

Bonus Feature

Pak Suzuki has confirmed with ProPakistani that it is planning to launch a Cultus 2017 variant with automatic transmission. While there is no official date for its release, it is expected to launch in the coming months.


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  • Or.. Just hear me on this…. You buy the same car with the faw logo and instantly save 400k..

  • The price of this car is too high. if i have that amount i must go for Honda City which is available in 15lacs with better feature then Cultus VXL & better drive…..

    • Not that they’re in the same price bracket, but what ‘features’ does City have in its base model compared to Cultus? It has no air bags, it has no alloy rims, its fuel economy isn’t as good.

  • this cultus not more then 10lac and we have to pay 14lac company price then own is also about 1lac and paper is about 50k, so its means we have to buy this cheap manual car for 15.5 lac and its too much

  • haha.. same engine and gear box as in WagonR.. so its not even more economical as its heavier and almost 300K expensive

  • Please go to showroom before purchasing this. It got plasticy looks and interior is also not good. Build quality and interior of old Cultus was better than this one. But yes this one is stylish!

    • Old Cultus has got door panels made of “gutta”. And average of non-euro Cultus on Petrol is pathetic. And AC is worst too. Believe me I own this car.

      • ya old socho walay log pasay na kharchnay walay lo yahe sochtay ha k old wali ache nhe new wali to layne he nhe hay mayray pass hay 2018 abe 3 months ho gaya han long routes b kiay han lahore k 2 zabardast chalte hay fuel economy b bht ache hay 18-19 kilometere per liter hay long pr insde city filhal 15 day rahe hay or hamay masla b koi nhe is say pahlay wali cultus say better hay purane cultus may bht saray flaws han jo abe tak suzuki nay sahe nhe kiay ab is may kafe changes han purani dunya say nikal ao yar new cars lay lo ya phr fx lay lo upar walay jitnay b comments kr rahay han in ko free k fx b milay to na lay ahhahaha ya 0 thousand say ziada laganay wali awam nhe

  • Even a used or refurbished Japanese car can easily outclass any local manufactured vehicles. Local cars prices are sky high despite of their poor built quality.

  • Just add 156,000/- More and go for Honda City basic model, Just do not consider such paid contents

    • Chakra suzuki, are you happy now by publishing a paid article. Not a single comment in your favour. All people you can get New Vitz, Mirage, latest Passo in lower price and 1000 times better than this. If you want to buy a new then go for FAW v2, better than this at least for what you paid

  • 1000 Reasons not to buy or even think for new Cultus (sorry originally Suzuki Celerio with lot of missing features)



  • suzuki, are you happy now by publishing a paid article. Not a single comment in your favour. All people you can get New Vitz, Mirage, Passo in lower price and 1000 times better than this. If you want to buy a new then go for FAW v2, better than this at least for what you paid

  • The Napaak Suzuki Maafia shorted the production of Other cars just to force the customer buy this crappy Cultus Sh*t.

    minimum ETA for a mid range car (Mehran) is 3 Months , whereas for WegonR, its 5 Months

  • itna bada jhoooooooooot……. ye na kuch bhi boltay hain aur kuch bhi likhtay hain….

  • Writer either payed by Suzuki or He/She know nothing about cars. Over pricing is one thing about this car everyone is talking about how the hell did writer can think its reasonable?

  • Haha. Even after paying for the article, suzuki has been thrashed by mature Pakistanis. It seems Suzuki will soon be packing it bags and katchra cars

    • It is not the case brother. Aisey he nahi Mehran 30 saal chalayi hai Suzuki ne

      • Bhai mehran 30 saal aur bhi chul sakti thi agar Suzuki ki monopoly chalti rehti. These imported cars and new players are giving a very hard time to Suzuki’s garbage.

  • Older cultus used to give the look of a smaller hatch back, this one gives the look of an Alto class hatch back but a price closer to the city… yes airbags and abs are a big plus but yet the price-look-performance trio does not add up. I waited for the cultus to arrive, but after seeing it purchased a WagonR from the same suzuki dealership. Cultus 2017 will not be a very successful car, my thought.

        • So kind of you to taken the time to comment, I will take your advise the next time. Presently using the WagonR pleasurably for city driving.

    • WargonR doesn’t have aerodynamics…. risky to drive at high speeds …. even wind crossings can be easily felt

      • Sir, I agree with you, actually I have a Toyota Altis as my car, the using the WagonR as a second car pleasurably for city driving. I agree with your assesment and have no plans of driving at high speeds.

      • Don’t worry it won’t flip over. Ever heard about Wagon R or any other high roof car flipping on motorway?

  • One Reason You should reconsider: You can get a Vitz in the same price and still have money left for Petrol

  • bhai jo marzi kar loo AAmir Atta ko apnay Rs. 500,000/- mil gai hain article publish karnay ke, ab jo marzi bool lo.

  • Add 150 k and buy 1300 cc honda city, its much better value and resale. DO NOT BUY THIS GLORIFIED DONKEY BY SUZUKI

  • Shorting the customers with a trimmed down version of Celerio & charging the price of Vitara (all grip, international) is the ONLY & MAIN reason not to buy this good for nothing melancholy of a vehicle.

  • The longer delivery period of 60-90 days is another minus in today’s competitive market where people have many options available.

  • Reasonable Price, R you kidding. Lagta hai kafi paisay milay hain iss article kay proPakistani ko :-p
    There are five million reasons to not go for this one.

  • Price is very high. Suzuki got a bad name in quality of material used in their cars. But their prices remained high all the time. Suzuki should give attention to this major issue.

  • i have bought cultus VXL(new calerio) in 2018 March it was showing 15k/m per liter average before 5000k/m after 5000k/m i went to showroom they change oil and clean mess etc after that is running very easily and giving me decent average also but it showing wrong average on dashboard.
    car is generous me average of more than 15+ k/m per liter but dashboard showing 6.9k/m per liter average. i have reset dashboard also but it still showing me 6.9k/m per liter.

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