PIA’s Cabin Crew Lobby Halts Efforts to Cut Costs for Flight Operations

Pakistan International Airlines’ strong lobby of Cabin Crew has been able to halt the cost cutting process in flight operations department. An assembled Task Force had suggested many measures for cost cutting and claimed that they would reduce the airline flight operations budget by up to 30 percent.

A PIA higher official and member of Cost Cutting Task Force told ProPakistani that is has been 2 months since the cost cutting report for flight operations was sent to the Advisor to the Prime Minister on Aviation, Sardar Mehtab Khan Abbsai, for further approval but there have been no updates.

Sources blame the PML-N affiliated CBA Air League for halting the implementations suggested in the cost cutting report. “Cabin Crew is a very strong lobby in PIA and in CBA as well. They approached the Advisor to the Prime Minister on Aviation and asked him to not approve the report,” a source told ProPakistani on the condition of anonymity

The task force has suggested major changes in Cabin Crew flying, resting, relocation and other matters. If the Task Force recommendations are fully approved, they will help the airline reduce the cost of flight operations by up to 30 percent.

The task force head, Caption Amir Hashami, said that “the Cockpit crew is paid for flying but the Cabin Crew is being paid for resting.“

The report also states that the PIA is operating its aircrafts with maximum crew requirement.

“As per international standard, 8 to 10 cabin crew are deployed on a Boeing 777 compared to the current practice of 14. Shortened per flight crew strength may be incentivized by offering better allowances.”

The Task Force also observed that most of the cabin crew is living in Karachi but PIA international operations are done from Islamabad and Lahore. This is adding a huge overhead for the  PIA.”

The Task Force suggests to offer better flying allowance and other incentives to them so they will not hesitate to relocate to Lahore and Islamabad.

The Task Force report also suggests reducing the hotel room occupancy by offering Cabin Crew room sharing at London, Manchester and Toronto.

  • Privatize it, this is the only solution. Governments should focus on other important issues and not be running the trains / airplanes / ships.

  • I have been attached with PIA since 1993 & a professional in the field of cost management.

    One and only One bold step is required to PIA once again a profitable organization & I challenge that if my formula is failed then i may put in front of firing squad.

    The step which is to be required to taken is that all staff to be terminated who got job after 2008 as it was last year when PIA was in Profit , all staff who sent abroad on duty called back immediately and a criminal case to be registered against sitting Prime Monster Naee Baaz Shareer, Fatifue Finance Minister Ishaque Dar and Show Piece Maryiam Safdar who inagurated PIA’S PREMIUM SERVICE ON 14 August, 2016 and only in 4 months PIAC suffered a loss of Rs. 2 Billions due to corruption which accepted by sitting Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in a press conference on planes acquired from SRILANKA ON WET LEASE WERE ON DOUBLE PRICE I.E. US $ 8,000 PER HOUR INSTEAD OF US $ 4,000 PER HOUR.

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