24HOURS.PK Brings Items for as Low as Rs.1 in Ramzan Sasta Bazaar

24HOURS.PK brings another sale for customers across the country.  After its KhudhKushSale on March, 2017,  24HOURS.PK is bringing offers for as low as Rs.1 this time around.

Welcome to the World of Rupees 1!

24HOURS.PK brings you a simple offer – shop from the website and be eligible to purchase any particular deal from the Ramzan Sasta Bazaar collection for only PKR 1.00.

24HOURS.PK has also joined hands with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre and is donating PKR 9.00 with every purchase from the Ramzan Sasta Bazaar sale. Together with PKR 1.00 from the customer, every sale made during this campaign will mean PKR 10.00 for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research.

24HOURS.PK takes it Corporate Social Responsibilities seriously and the Ramzan Sasta Bazaar Sale is further proof of it. The company wants to bring value to the online shoppers in Pakistan just in time for Eid-ul-Fitr, 2017.

The sales event is expected to start on Friday, June 16, 2017 at 12:00AM and continue until 09:00 PM. Customers will have access to a large selection of products and services spread across an assortment of categories for their choosing.

Rules for Ordering

Customers who place orders worth of PKR 500.00 or more on Friday 16th from 12:00 AM till 9:00 PM, will be eligible to shop Ramazan Sasta Bazaar deals of PKR 1.00 with free delivery. If one customer wants to avail more than 1 item of Rs 1, then they will have to place more than 1 order before 9:00 PM of worth PKR 500 each.

Rs 1 deals will go live on 16th June at 11:00 PM till 11:59 PM.

You can enjoy deals on many items ranging from Laptops to Hair Grooming Tools and from Mobile Phones to Mobile Accessories. You can also check them out here.

24HOURS.PK invites you this June 16 to not only shop with the biggest discounts in the country but also support on-going humanitarian efforts of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research.

The products and their respective stocks are given below:

    • You know, there’s no shortage of laptops in the market if you really need one that bad.

  • BEWARE: This 24HOURPK is a product of Cheezmall, just checked the profiles of all the fake comments below and all of these were commenting about cheezmall articles earlier and now for 24hourspk. You guys can check on your own.

    Batana humara farz tha baki aage aapki marzi…

  • Oh, this is 24hours. pk. I know what they do. Mark my words, you’ll sit waiting for the deals to go live and as soon as the clock strikes 11:00, you click on an item of your choice only for the “out of stock” page to appear. You go to another item, same story. And on and on. Have been fooled by them three times before. Not again. Thanks but no thanks.

    • Boss this is product of cheepmall, ab aap samajh jao. Akalmand ke liye ishara kafi hai. Just check the profiles of fake comments posted here you will get the idea :-)

      • Ek hi baat bar bar dhoraega to logon ko shak ni yakeen hojaega tu kia chahra hai asal me

        • BINGO! aapke itne sare comments se logon ko already pata chal gaya ke main kia chah raha hon. Thanks for reverting on my comments. Stay blessed!

          • Or jigr tere bhi comments se saaf pata lagra hai. Hmesha bakwas e ki hai kabhi jakr order b dala hai ?
            Kbhee pta b hai campaign hotee kia hai ya bas do teen lafz yaad kr k sara din eder achee achee campaigns per galia e deta hai?
            Koi ek campaign utha k bta kisi b brand ki. Kbhee kisko bolta hai kbhee kisko. Tanqeed or galia dena bht asan hotee hai mere bhai !

      • Reading comprehension fail? I already said I’ve given them a chance three times before, and came away disappointed every single time. Don’t believe me, why don’t you try being the scapegoat this time? Good luck with that laptop lol. Do come back to tell us how it went for you.

  • Oh my Gaaaaaddd!!! Waiting impatiently for this Friday! 24hours.pk you guys rock man wotta offer..

      • Teri tab bhi jaltee thee teri aaj bhi jaltee hai :) but fr b campaign hmesha chaltee hai.

        • Aur tu kal bhi bikao tha aaj bhi bikao hai aur terey jaisay 2 dou takkay k hamesha aatay rahien ge aisi fake campaigns k saath.

        • Baqwas campaign hai total 20-30 haAr kharch k logoun ki jeb se nikalna chahtay ho 500. 20 rupay ki cheez aik rupay may laynay k liye 500 ka order. Laptop he 20 karo phir to manoun. Shaukat khanam ka naam istamal kar k ghinaona dhanda na chalao.

  • kuj loag lagta hai galia dene k lye bura bhala kehnay k lye hein or kuj loag support kerney k lye. Sb fake comments hi lagray hai mje to. Achay bhi. Buray bhi. Lets see campaign me kia hota hai. Wqt btadega.

      • Hahahaha. Good one KMQ. But don’t forget you are up against a Mafia and all these little minions are proxies of that Mafia. Stay safe bro!

        • the thing is proPk advertising this mafia, its kinda supporting them. Itni gir gai hy ProPk maal k hawas me. That’s a real shame

  • بیوقوف بنانے کا نیا طرہقہ. جب آرﮈر دینے جاۓ گیں تو آؤٹ , آف اسٹاک کا پیغام آجاۓ گا. لیپ ٹاپ, موبائل اور دیگر سنگل آئٹم کا یہاں دکھانا صرف دھوکہ ہے جب کہ حقیقت میں ایک بھی آئٹم نہیں ہوگا

  • No way to filter out the ‘minions’ in the comments below? The fake ones?

    Because some one might get fooled by the false reviews they are posting and no doubt those are their target audience.

  • I remember the Pakistan Day event. It was as fake as it could get. Completed the order within the first 5 seconds and it still said out of stock. tried this for most of the 23 PKR deals and it happened to all of them. Im pretty sure the same will happen this time. No one will get any of those items.

  • Spent 10 minutes on site. Poor Design, No UAN number, No Online Payment System.
    Well, Jo Website aik ache web dev aur designer ko hire ni kr sakti wo 1 rs me deals de rahi ha. Well, Lets see kia hota ha.

  • Paid Content as well Very Bad Seller
    I have personal Experience with them. Don’t Waste Time n Even 1 PKR.I would Suggest to Donate to any needy instead.

  • they should bring


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