Nokia is Launching 3310 in Pakistan this Week

HMD Global, the new manufacturer of Nokia phones, has partnered with Jazz to exclusively launch the range of Nokia smartphones and Nokia 3310 in Pakistan.

Nokia 3310 in particular will be available with distributor starting tomorrow and customers will be able to make their purchases with-in next 2-3 days.

Under this new partnership, Jazz will offer special promotions on the purchase of Nokia phones to the consumers.

Kamran Khan, Country Head, HMD Pakistan said,

This partnership will go a long way to help us in providing a seamless experience to the mobile phone users in Pakistan.

We have partnered with Jazz – Pakistan’s largest mobile network to build up on the excitement & the anticipation we’ve seen from Pakistani consumers following the announcement of Nokia phones at the Mobile World Congress in February this year.

We are working closely with Jazz to bring the Nokia phones into the hands of fans and ensure we’re accessible to everyone.”

Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Jazz said,

The partnership between Jazz and HMD Global will be an excellent experience for fans of the Nokia phones. As the leader in digital telecommunication in Pakistan, Jazz believes such enterprises will reap stimulating benefits for our customers,

The original 3310 is considered a legendary phone in its own right. The phone was rugged and had a battery life lasting weeks. It sold around 126 million units worldwide.

Nokia 3310 Features

The new 3310 is slimmer and comes with a VGA camera. It features Nokia’s Series 30+ software, a 2.4-inch QVGA display, 2-megapixel camera and a microSD card slot. It uses a 1,200 mAh battery with a 31 day standby time according to Nokia. It will also come with its own brand new revamped snake game, which many of us played growing up.

Nokia 3310 is priced at EUR 49 in Europe (around Rs. 5,700) so you can expect the price to be in the same ballpark.

  • very bad idea…!! nokia announced android phone set.. but failed to cash the customers,
    if they laugh 3310, the remaining nokia reputation will be lost…!! and samsung, qmobile & oppo will cash the market..!! 3310 was grate at that time… but now no budy waste time & money for old classic things.

    • why its a bad idea sir ? Not everyone person in our country is a smartphone user. and its a good phone given its price range.

      • my comment was in Nokia’s perspective, not user end..!! for user end it may be good set for call & sms only… not even in Price… in the price nokia selling 3310, other brands having more good sets, with low price…!!

        • All sets are poor, q mobile is crap. samsung kay feature phones ache hain bus, ab nokia arah ahai to umeed krte hain yeah bhi acha hoga.

    • Ap us ke screenshot lelo aur new wale us pe edit kar ke dekhte raho… Ok. Good boy. Mama ne dodo paya tha na rat ko. Haina..??

    • Aap apna naam Abdul Wahab Tanqeedi rakh lo q k her article main aap Tanqeed he krtay rehtay ho.

  • It is not new from Nokia, they act 1st and then think just like our planners.
    Such a nonsense phone in this price. Why should i purchase 20 years technology just because of my childhood love. Sohrab bicycle with 150 cc engine.

    They were market leader in the past but now they are just like any new company.
    Some people love to waste money and some may have their personal likings, but it is exceptional.

    Not a wise decision.

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