Tea Whiteners Get Stay from Court Against Punjab Food Authority

Lahore High Court (LHC) has granted a stay order which restrains the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) and its Director General, Noorul Amin Mengal, from taking action against tea whitener products.

Engro Foods, a popular manufacturer of dairy products in Pakistan, had filed a petition against the Punjab government and its food authority over an unjust order.


PFA had claimed that tea whiteners were not milk and instructed all companies to clearly mention it on their product labels.

All dairy product manufacturers were asked to add the text “This is not milk” on the packaging and labelling of tea whiteners, covering at least 15% of the carton’s total area.

The authority had ordered companies to follow the instructions immediately or they would not be allowed to sell their tea whitener products after June 1.

The Case & Outcome

LHC has now decided in favor of the dairy company by issuing a stay order.

PFA has been asked to abstain from any action against Engro Foods or any of its vendors.

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      • The only best solution is to draft a bill to make a new law against such activities which are now daily being highlighted by the media overall in Pakistan. Only then can we be saved from such culprits and their bought judges.

        • So the corrupt and totally inept freeloader judges should continued to be paid from our tax payers’ money to take bribes and undermine the interest of the people who pay their salaries?!?!
          May Allah punish all the corrupt and thief people involved in judiciary in Pakistan and make them examples in this world, and throw them in eth deepest holes of hell! Ameen, Summa Ameen!
          And if anyone gets a chance they should be the first to be hanged on constitution avenue, right next to the corrupt politicians.

    • Not surprised.

      Pakistani courts and judges are ………refer to what Banezir Bhutto once said about them.

      I am personally a victim when notices were sent to a wrong address where I never lived and an ex-parte judgement was given occupying my hard earned property in Pakistan. Notices were published in a Pakistani newspaper even though judge knew (as mentioned in petition) that I am non-resident Pakistan.

      In this case of PFA, before giving stay order in minutes “learned” judge should have asked PFA for the reason, how long it takes? Judge must be having view of complainant in petition right? So like Sheikh sahib of Bol TV gets “insaaf” this mafia got “insaaf” in minutes?

      All of such tea whiteners are full of bad cholesterol. In a country like Pakistan where people are dying from heart diseases such an immediate decision where public health is the issue raises lots of question on the professionalism of judges.

      Some cases of public interest/benefit:
      1- Pensioners case.
      2- Missing persons’ case.
      3- Dissolution of constitution case.
      4- All pending cases in supreme judicial council against corrupt judges since last ten years.

      But selection of cases is on personal preference.

  • Dairy Omung k poray dabbay may kahi b MILK nahi likha….Awam ko sahi se chuna laga rahye hy yeh ENGRO FOOD>

  • A few days ago me and a friend went out to buy some packed milk for his children.
    We spent some good minutes in the store looking at every can every pack every sachet of milk there because we couldn’t figure out what we are buying is milk or whitener. They call everything milk.

    Its like selling nestle water bottle labeled Petrol on petrol stations. I was shocked that how this has happened, I remember seeing Tea whitener written on all whiteners in the past.
    Some how they have stopped mentioning it and our law supports this ? Is this not disastrous in every single imaginable sense ? PFA’s decision’s implementation was absolutely necessary. Our law makers are literally killing us and our kids with decisions like this.
    **We need to make some noise about this.

  • What the hell is this
    They were not given the Stay order at any cost.?
    Court b bik gya hai.?
    Shame on those who support the MAfiA

    • Stay order is issued to maintain status quo. It is given in favor of accused by affording them benefit of doubt. Its responsibility of govt now to expedite the case proceedings and get final judgement with elimination of stay order.

  • Engro group is a mafia they want to control every sector they have products for be it chemicals agriculture food and to remain a monopoly they can do anything.

  • I think Court of Justice should ask about thru what chemical combination Tea Whitener produce by Engro Foods? If Punjab Foods not allowed to prove its authority, then Court exercise its power to check What if Companies mention This is not a milk on their boxes.
    Law unfortunately saves the rich, not poor public.

  • LHC ko buhat bari ungle he zehar bikk raha ha sare aam bazar me uss pe bhe stay le rahe he kaminay.

  • The owners of these big brands who are selling unhygienic edibles to the masses must be heavily fined say 30-50% of the entire value of the company along with 10-15 years imprisonment for the OWNER of the company. Only then things would start moving in the right directions

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