Sega Brings All Your Favorite Childhood Games to Mobile

One can be forgiven for occasionally wanting to grab a decade old game controller and replay a classic game they used to love during their childhood. This was an emotion tapped so well by Nintendo recently, as it launched the NES Classic Edition.

Sega is going out of its way to do something similar, but in a more accessible manner. The company, now having spent decades from the game console market, is bringing many games from the Master System, Genesis/Mega Drive, and Dreamcast on mobile.

Presenting Sega Forever

Sega will be using the free-to-play model for its Mobile games, which will be ad-supported (which will play before the start of a game). You can still play complete versions of its classic games for free. If you want to remove ads, Sega will be offering an option to buy your way out of them.

The project will launch with five games at first. Those include:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog,
  • Altered Beast,
  • Phantasy Star II,
  • Kid Chameleon,
  • Comix Zone.

Further titles will be added regularly (Sega says around two weeks between releases), and you may search for them in the App Store or Play Store with the term “Sega Forever”.

To get an even more nostalgic feel, the games will be playable without internet connectivity. Progress could be saved online in order to keep going on separate phones, while Bluetooth controllers will be supported if you prefer a more tactile experience.

“Above all else Sega Forever is a celebration of nostalgia. It’s about allowing fans to reconnect with past experiences. It’s a very easy conversion to take those games to free.” – Mike Evans, head of Sega’s mobile division

The project is an ingenious way of profiting from nostalgia, rather than letting memories and useful assets go down the drain. We’ll have to try the apps for ourselves to see whether the games turn out to fare as well in reality as they do on paper.

  • Better to use nes (SNES, ZSNES) player and its supportable games on PC/Laptop.
    You can search online and download almost every game and PC based player.

      • MAME is nes file player and I have multiple versions (because some games are compatible with specific version only)
        Although its almost 4 years I have not played any game, but I always keep backup.

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