Science Says Eid in Pakistan is 100% Likely on Monday, June 26th, 2017

Today after 28th of Ramzan, the most asked and thought about thing is going to be about when moon will be sighted (in Pakistan and rest of the Peshawar) and consequently when Eid-ul-Fitr is going to be about in KPK and in other provinces of Pakistan.

While I am all submitted to follow the lead of Moulana hazraats for matters that are religious in nature, but I think crescent moon sighting is quite a scientific task and it must be dealt in proper scientific manner (exactly like we allow science to determine our Namaz or Azaan timings).

Yes I indeed mean that Moulana Hazraats should be accompanied by couple of scientists for assistance in crescent moon sighting.

While I understand that moon must be sighted by naked eye in order to announce Eid or Ramzan or any other Islamic month, there are ways possible through which you can determine if moon can be sighted or even if it will be possible for human eye to see the crescent on a particular date or not.

For instance, if you look at crescent moon sighting possibilities for Pakistan, the science says that Shawaal moon will not be visible to human eye on June 24th, 2017.

Below graph will show you possibilities of moon sighting in different parts of world on Saturday (June 24th, 2017):

Just in case if you are wondering, this graph is developed while keeping the position of earth, moon, sun and time in mind.

It shouldn’t be hard for you to understand that such estimations are possible and its not a rocket science to determine if moon will be sighted on a particular location on earth at a particular time or not.

So apparently, other than some parts of Peru, Shawaal moon won’t be visible to anyone in entire world on June 24th, 2017.

This essentially means that the committee that is planning to convene in Peshawar later today can cancel their meeting and assemble again tomorrow, since there’s no chance for crescent moon sighting today.

And Here’s the crescent moon sighting estimations for June 25th, 2017:

According to above estimation, Shawaal moon will be visible to almost everyone on Sunday June 25th, 2017.

This also means that Eid-ul-Fitr for everyone in the world (those including in Saudi Arabia and in Pakistan and in Peshawar) will be on Monday, June 26th, 2017.

Crescent Moon sighting estimates via

  • If only our “scholars” were smart enough to rely on actual facts and data, we’d know exact dates for each sighting for the next 200 years ?

      • It is.
        Who says it’s not.
        In my 17 years of professional life we’ve been navigating vessels all over the world using celestial navigation.
        You can predict lunar Sighting and calendar with dead accuracy.
        The above post is correct
        Moon can only be sighted on Sunday.

        • So according explanation above, how crescent moon was sighted in Japan on June 24????

          • Assalamoalikum Dear.
            You have a good question that demands a little understanding. I will explain here under and I hope this will make the things but easy to understand.
            Okay so here we go:
            1. Astronomically new moon is declared once moon completes one full cycle around the earth. This period is close to 29 days. A bit more. So when there is an astronomical new moon it may or may not set prior sun. This new moon can’t be sighted with naked eye. What many countries do is that they just calculate the setting time of this new moon. If it’s after sunset, they declare next Islamic month. But remember illumination of this moon is almost none and it CANNOT be seen. But they just follow calculations and give no weightage to Moon Sighting. That’s how it was declared in countries like Japan.
            2. We in Pakistan follow the Sunnah of our holy prophet (SAW) and declare new month only after seeing moon. For a moon to be seen following minimum criteria has to be met in reasonable weather conditions:
            a) illumination of moon – more than 1%
            b) Altitude – above 20 degrees
            c) Duration between sunset and moon set – more than 30 minutes.

            None of the above was met on the day Popalzai Eid was declared.

            Hope you get it now.

            • Thanks, But point is how KP people especially from North claim for it. (Each time they are lying?) Its about 4,5th time, Our village (in KARAK) has conflict with rest district. As we follow Hilal comity, while other villages (most of KP districts) follow populzai.

              • Assalamoalikum Dear.
                Thanks for the appreciation and I admire your understanding of it. I have lived in KPK (Abbottabad) and Abbottabad always followed Hilal Committee.
                Now, about your question, I would like to call it a mischief but the truth is – Yes. The people who are giving Shahadas are not telling the truth.
                There’s always a photo and video of Moon Sighted by Hilal Committee, but none by Popalzai committe.
                There are so many photos of Moon that people posting on Facebook, have you EVER seen such photos by anyone who is giving Shahadat of Moon Sighting in KPK. This is what disturbs me as well.
                Islam tells us to ask questions and investigate the truth, it refers to blind followers as a herd of sheep. Unfortunately we have stopped understanding anything, we just blindly follow. We never ask the hard questions.
                Few days back I saw a video of a mosque where 2 group of people were had at neck and beating each other when one asked from Imam if they will have Eid on Sunday, the other group was asking what Imam will recite in Travih as Eid was on Monday.
                So so sad.
                But I really hope that I have played my part for others to understand the phenomenon of Moon Sighting.

  • Popalzai ko kon samjhai, aaj to unho ne he dekhna hai chand, baqi sab Pakistanis ka 28th Roza hai, so aaj koi chand nahi dekhy ga. Chand kal dekhain gay Insha’Allah. Aur sab ko nazar bhi aayega, popalzai ka alag chand hai usy aaj b nazar aa sakta hai.

  • Science se zyada to Pakistani Govt ko malum tha tabhi to 20 din pehle holidays ka bata diya tha ?

  • سائنس کو لوں تی نہی لنگی۔۔۔۔ ورنہ پاکستان کسےہور سیارے دا ملک لگدا۔ ایہی ھور ہزار سال لگسی ایس اپروچ تک پہنچن لیے

  • I believe more in science than the eyesights of moon Committee and Populzee.
    Anyway I have read news that popililzee is enjoying at Dubai and has already advised his followers to celebrate eid on Sunday!
    God, he has already seen the moon and is way ahead of science.

  • In 4 years, imran khan failed to impose Eid celebration on same day?? Well, he is making Naya Pakistan as his fellow friends in Israel and India want him to do, and not behtar Pakistan!!

    • And our so called PM has no friends in India, right? Nopes not defending IK whatsoever.

      But the one in federal power, you wouldn’t point your fingers at him. Biased, aren’t we not?

  • If we accept this table then why Eid is celebrated in Saudi Arabia, Australia and even in Indonesia & Malasyia the last Muslim country on 25th. Moon sighted in all these mention countries What that logic? Please explain

  • Scientific knowledge must be used for moonsighting. It is not contradictory to our religion. Rather, it is necessary for the unity of Muslims.

    Respected admin, kindly ensure such a post on every Ramzan 1, Shawwal 1 and Zilhaj 1 moon sightings.

    Thank you.

  • Gamdi says if movlis can make “daimi calendar” for namaz sunset and sunrise and namaz times. then why can’t they make “daimi calendar” for moon rising?

  • This time science itself proved that Eid is on Monday… By the way Pakistani is science is great and scientists are great more than it…. The world has reached on mars but our scientists are roaming around sighting the moon…

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