Pakistani Woman Makes the First Hand Stitched Quran in the World

A Pakistani woman has created a hand stitched version of the Holy Quran. Zamurd Khan, a Pashtun woman hailing from Karachi’s Korangi area, has dedicated years of her life to complete it.

With this achievement, the Pashtun lady wants to show her love for Islam and the Holy Book. In fact, it is the first time in the 1,400 year history of Islam that someone has crafted a hand stitched version of the Holy Quran.

The Hand Stitched Quran

Zamurd split the Holy Quran into 30 chapters (Sipara) and worked on each one of them separately.

The pages of the hand stitched Quran are made of cotton, decorated with a green border made of silk with gold colored embroidery. Similar decoration has been applied to each chapter’s outer pages.

The text on the book has been stitched with the help of a green colored thread.

It took the 31 year old Zamurd 7 years and 6 months to complete the hand stitched Quran.

The complete hand stitched Quran (with all 30 chapters) weighs around 63 kg. This is partially due to the weight of the heavy embroidery and the other threads that were used to make it.

The hand stitched Quran is kept inside a storage box for protection.

Zamurd also stitched a verified Urdu translation of each Arabic phrase in the book.

About Zamurd Khan

Zamurd claims she had no idea it would take so long to complete the task but she was determined to finish it no matter how many years it took. She claims she didn’t even notice that so many years had passed and time flew while she was working on the Quran.

After completing the project, she said:

I am very happy that Allah (SWT) gave me the knowledge and idea to make this. I have never been so happy in my life.

Her mother says that she is proud of Zamurd’s hard work and love for Allah. Zamurd’s brother, Sana ullah, added

She did not go to any weddings, family functions, parks or anything that a common man would consider enjoyable. Zamurd had no interest in anything except completing this Quran.

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  • What an arduous task it must have been but women when get determined can do anything.


    • She shouldn’t show love for the book of Allah ?

      How you show love for your parents ? By always following what they say? Or you sometimes show love for them by some other means too?

    • Very Disappointing Comment. Please Show Some Courage To Praise Someone Good Deed. What You Have Done? I Can See How Your Parents Taught How To Respect. And I Can Also See How Beautifully You Are Acting on Teachings of Quran.
      Shame On You!

    • I agree…but its not decoration, its skill, patience and core interest on the matter. She has outdone many like you and me…lets not be hasty in our jealousy.

  • Ma Sha Allah, May Allah bless her in both worlds for doing such a great deed. Ameen

  • Saudi Arabia should see this. Grant them honorary citizenship please. They are deserving when compared to the corrupt Ganjas that visit you guys.

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