Uber Completes 5 Billion Rides Across the World

Uber has much reason to celebrate – as it announced crossing the 5 billion worldwide trips mark recently.

To make this happen, 156 trips started simultaneously at 7:29:06 am GMT, in 24 countries across six continents, in cities including Dubai, Moscow and the capital city of Pakistan – Islamabad.

In late 2015, Uber made headlines for crossing the 1 billion trips mark. Six months later, the company reached 2 billion rides, and over the last 11 months Uber has witnessed incredible growth to reach an impressive combined 5 billion rides.

In Pakistan, two partner-drivers helped Uber reach the 5 billion rides milestone. In Islamabad, Umer Ejaz Malik completed a trip to Jinnah Avenue. While in Karachi, Muhammad Kashif completed one to Shahrah e Usman.

Uber started in 2010 to solve a simple problem: how do you get a ride at the push of a button?

Uber wouldn’t have reached this milestone without the dedicated service of its partner-drivers. As a token of appreciation, Uber will be giving each of the 156 drivers who were part of this milestone $500, including both partner-drivers from Pakistan.

At Uber we are proud of our partner-drivers who have made it possible for us to achieve this milestone. It’s amazing that out of the 156 simultaneous trips taken worldwide, two were in Pakistan, one being in one of our newest markets; Islamabad. – Safee Shah, GM of Uber Pakistan

Muhammad Kashif, who completed one of 156 trips that started simultaneously, and which took place on UberAUTO, said:

I am feeling very happy, and there is no way I can express it with words.

Umar from Islamabad expressed how he felt about the occasion and said:

A special thanks to Uber for giving us this award, and it is great to use the Uber app.

Uber is committed to growing its network, providing safe, reliable, and affordable transportation and improving the mobility and transport infrastructure of the cities in which it operates, while also focusing on building new and innovative features for riders and drivers.

  • Pathetic service. I installed Uber app, registered all my details, and when I tried to book my 1st ever ride, it started giving an error saying “rider is banned”. That’s what they did to their new customer. I got disappointed badly and deleted it straight away.

  • Wondering how could they grow so rapidly despite having one of the worst ever management and service quality here in Pakistan. The other day I was booking a ride and the captain started the ride right after accepting it, without picking me up. When I called the captain it was a wrong number. In other cases you’ll find the captains number powered off. This is so frustrating as you can’t even cancel the ride in such scenarios. It happened several times with me and my friends and things like this keep on happening as it seems there is no check and balance in this company. I have heared they have good service quality in other countries. However, it seems Uber’s Pakistan management is interested in just expansion, rather than service quality. Still I hope they will improve overtime and I wish them good luck!

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