Exclusive: Telenor’s New $80 Million Headquarters Will Be Called “345”

Telenor Pakistan has revealed today that its new Corporate Headquarters will be named 345. The building is currently under construction in Islamabad and is expected to complete later this year.

“345, which is in fact our dialing code, has become Telenor Pakistan’s identity since we launched operations back in 2005,” said Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor Pakistan, at an Eidi distribution ceremony for the masons working at the construction site.

“The name, and the building itself, represent our commitment to Pakistan and an icon of progress towards a digital future for the country,” Irfan added.

The name was chosen in a complete democratic fashion where all Telenor Pakistan suggested names for the building.

A cross functional committee narrowed down the suggestions to top five names which were then opened for voting by all employees and 345 turned out to be a clear winner.

About 345

345 is a state of the art building, designed to fulfill business requirements with convenience and inspire creativity and innovation among Telenor employees.

With a site of 15 acres and total covered area of 20.000 meter square on three floors, the building can accommodate 1200 employees at any given time.

It encompasses a library, gym, indoor & outdoor gaming areas, café & coffee shop, 2 water bodies and purpose built areas like project rooms, multipurpose rooms, exploration and gaming zones, silent zones with conventional meeting rooms and kitchenettes on every floor.

It is situated at Gulberg Greens in Islamabad which is 14 minutes from Benazir Bhutto International airport and about 28 minutes from F7 Markaz, Islamabad.

An Environment Friendly Marvel 

The building is designed to be ‘healthy’ in every sense of the word; therefore it has minimum possible damage to the environment.

Built with rammed earth, it has its own water conservation system with recycling, rain water harvesting and low flow fixtures.

It also has renewable energy mechanism that uses 230 KW of Solar Energy. As for energy efficiency, active chilled beams, LED lights, thermal insulation and occupancy sensors make the building a one of its kind environmental friendly marvel in Pakistan.

Below are some of the pictures from Telenor’s new CHQ, 345:

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  • Why labor is sitting on ground during eidi distribution ceremony? Isn’t it a matter of shame!

    • very true they should be sitting on chairs if telenor can spent 80 million $ to its building. so they should have arranged proper seating for labours

  • Nice name, 345, there was a another building with the digital name “90” (9-Zero) as well.

  • I am glad that alteast workers are wearing Safety Helmets and Safety shoes. Otherwise the safety of laborers and workers is never given any importance at any level. More companies should embrace such standards.

  • The building looks pretty great. Plus its really nice of them to appreciate the labor force with the eidi distribution.

  • Propakistani team visited 345 building with me. Feeling love to be a part of construction management team.

  • Well, after all labor is a labor.
    Xtra kuch bhi milay to zameen par hon, seat par ya asmaan par.. acha hai – bohat acha hai..
    Telenor hopefully, will take care of their employees too lyk this.

    • Actually all the arrangements for labour are from GC General contractor and u can’t blame telenor

  • But plz do something to improve ur service. In my area “Jhang” u claim ur service is 4G but in fact its even worst than 2G. Almost a month ago I got my complaint registered with ur man receiving those problems on the other side of 345 (ur no). He assured me problem would b solved in 2-3 days but its all in vain.
    Now I M USING ZONG internet After 10 years breakup with Telenor!!!!

  • building is still incomplete … it will be fully working end of this year most probably November along with its external development.

      • thing which u see is just the facade , its internal works and few most important system is still need to be installed and tested before it handed over to the client please do not pass such statements without knowing the ground reality and one more thing mind your language

        • people like you are the future of Pakistan. You are a beacon of light in the darkness.

          • dear nawaz please do visit now after rain please and see your completed building…. i invite you on behalf of Arcop Pvt. Ltd. employee who has design this building n one more thing i have mentioned my personal information where i work and sitting on site but have you mention once …..at least once from where u r quoting that this building is completed and who you are mr.Fraud..

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