ICEPT Offers Industry Ready Short Courses That You Must Join

In recent times, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of universities in Pakistan. With rapidly changing technologies, knowledge of a subject becomes obsolete in a year or two.

However, the curriculum up-gradation is rarely done by our universities, and is further slowed down by accreditation and approval processes.

On the other hand, industry has deployment of latest and state-of-the-art technologies. They hunt for talent proficient in technologies used by the industry. Such a situation is causing an ever increasing gap between academia and industry.

There have been efforts to reduce this gap from different sectors. One such effort is done by our training institutions, which are trying to bridge this gap by offering trainings on latest technologies and trends.

One such reputable and well-known institution is ICEPT (Iqra Center for Emerging Products and Technologies), which has been delivering trainings for quite some time now.

ICEPT focusses to equip people with job-ready skills, which not only prepare them for industry, but also make them self-sufficient to become entrepreneurs, rather than employees.

Courses in the domain of Computer Science, Networking, Engineering, Media Sciences, Fashion and Textile Designing are offered by ICEPT.

These courses are open to students as well as industry professionals. In summer 2017, ICEPT will be offering a wide range of short courses including Web Development, Graphic Designing, Programming (C/C++ & JAVA), Android App Development, Ethical Hacking, Game Development (Unity 3D), Photography, Microsoft Office and CISCO CCNA (Routing & Switching).

  • Don’t join guys, its not worth the money first day will be great but later on, their teachers don’t even come on time! Its just a big hoax, been a Victim of this!

    • Have taken 3 course from them: Graphic Designing, Hacking & Web. All were very beneficial and started+ended on time too

          • Hi ICEPT, thanks for the comment.

            The purpose was to say that ‘Hacking’ is not a pleasant word. The actual purpose of the course is ethical hacking or penetration testing or white hat hacking, which your course does. So, should be used that way so people can know the difference between the two.

  • Their instructors were very cooperative. They made Facebook groups in which students help each other during and after the courses. I took game development course in October and I am still connected with my instructor.

  • I took game development course before joining the course i was zero in the field of game development but right now i m working in desire srudios behria town thanks to icept …!! Its really worth it to join icept …!!

  • iOS developnent is the field that always intrigued me. I enrolled myself in this course offered by ICEPT and taught by Mr Zulfiqar Ali Bangash(CEO). Due to this course, i was able to secure a job in a very mature software house in blue area. In our field, practice of code is very crucial for development and ICEPT provides time and resources to student for practice.

  • I have done ios development course from this institute and the experiance was tremendous. Instructor was very good ,cooprative and helpful.They teach on latest versions of ios development .Swift 3 and Xcode 8 .Instructor is always available for help.

  • Its been an informative experience for me, have taken 2 courses graphic designing and web development, i’ve learnt valuable skills which are helping me to design my final year project in a much better manner.

  • Is this in Lahore?
    Furthermore there are also a number of courses like web development, programming which can be taken online for free on websites like udemy edx etc..

    • If they do fake comments and the programs are not worth-able to be joined then definitely IQRA will loose its name and standards so no one will join in future. So i don’t think that the programs are offered just to mint money. Let the IT industry grow in Pakistan inshALLAH.

  • Please let me know if someone is interested in forming a group for discount for the course of graphic designing.

  • I don’t understand why #pakistani_people just exaggerate things? No body require full biography

  • Who doesn’t know the level of Iqra University? C’mon guys, be mature, its just a hoax to mint money!

  • Wow, too many ICEPT students suddenly appeared on Propk. I bet when ICEPT sponsored about its industry here, they asked their students to post here too. Typical cheap marketing !!

    Also why go to institute when one can learn from youtube.

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