Pakistan to Showcase Its Military Might with Extensive Missile Tests

Pakistan is planning to conduct a series of missile tests over the next few days.

The missile tests will include:

  • short and medium range missiles,
  • cruise missiles,
  • anti tank guided missiles,
  • surface to air missile,
  • surface to sea missile,
  • sea to surface missiles,
  • air to surface missiles.

According to informed sources, short range ballistic missiles that will be part of the tests include the Ghaznavi, Abdali-I, Ghauri-I, Shaheen-I missiles. Medium range ballistic missiles (MRBM) such as Ghauri-II, Shaheen-II, Shaheen-III, Ababeel will also be a part of it.

In the category of cruise missiles, Babur-1 (Hatf -VII), Babur-2 (Hatf -VII) will be tested. Anti-tank guided missiles that will be tested include the Bakhtar-Shikan anti-tank missile.

Sea-to-surface missiles Babur-3 (Hatf VII) and air-to-surface missiles Ra’ad (Hatf VIII), Ra’ad-II (Hatf VIII), Baktar-Shikan, H-2 SOW, H-4 SOW and Barq will also be tested in the coming days.

Battle Ready

Pakistan has two missiles which it can deploy on the battlefield: Hatf-1 and Nasr. The Nasr is designed to be used against enemy troops, tank regiments and other ground based units. It has a range of 60km and is capable of a payload of 0.5–5 kilotons.

The Hatf-1 is an unguided subsonic battlefield range ballistic missile. Newer variants of the Hatf-1 ballistic missile have been developed with a longer targeting range. The Ghaznavi, a hypersonic surface to surface short range ballistic missile has a range of 400km and can carry a nuclear warhead of around 700 kg.

The Ghauri is an intermediate range ballistic missile. It can carry a nuclear warhead of 700 kg and has a range of 1500 km. The Shaheen series of missiles can carry a nuclear warhead weighing over a tonne for an effective range of up to 3,000km.

Cruise Missile Arsenal

Pakistan has three cruise missile variants active in its arsenal, one for each branch of the armed forces – Army, Air Force and Navy. The Babur cruise missile is a surface to surface cruise missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead of 100kg and has a range of 700km.

The Ra’ad cruise missile is an air to surface missile for the Pakistan Air Force. It has a range of 350km and can carry a payload of around 10–35 kgs. It can be deployed by JF-17 fighter bombers.

In addition to this, the Barq air to surface laser guided missile is being used in the Buraq drones that’s in use by the Pakistani military.

Pakistan Army (Air Defence) has also inducted the Chinese-built LY-80 self-propelled surface-to-air missile system in its arsenal on March 2017. The basic LY-80 unit consists of a command-and-control (C2) cell made up of a surveillance radar vehicle, a C2 vehicle, and three firing batteries.

Each firing battery consists of a tracking and guidance radar vehicle and four vertical launchers, each of which are armed with a missile pack containing six launchers.

Pakistan will also try to get multi-layer ballistic missile defence system S-400 in coordination with Russia.

Earlier, Pakistan successfully test-fired its indigenously-developed submarine launched cruise missile Babur-III having the range of 450 kilometers this year in March.

It also conducted a successful test of an enhanced version of the indigenously developed Babur cruise missile. The Babur cruise missile incorporates advanced aerodynamics and avionics, and can strike targets on both land and sea at a range of 700 kilometres.

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    • Its not difficult to strike down us drones, its the consequences to bear after such action is done that stops the concerned ones.

        • Khan sahab yeh Shab e Barat ke tayyari hai, ab hum jo Rs. 950 Billion daitay hain woh dikha kar hilal bhi to karnay hain.

      • Currently Pakistan does not have any technology to strike any 5th generation drone. Open your eyes and the world will be seen differently.
        PAF is just a 3rd/4th generation technology. World has reached 5th/6th Gen. We are good in lying to ourself.

        • ? look like you only follow indian news or dont have brains to understand technology paf have capability to strike down any drone and they have shot down few drone in musharraf era. its all about political decision politicians dont want to upset their grand dad or thier aid will be block and all the haram money they have

          • @Shahzaib Alam Anyone who tell the facts is considered Indian in Pakistan. Anyway no problem for me. I have more knowledge of PAF and Aircrafts than all of you and I am 100 sure about it. My whole life revolves around this technology.
            Keep on living in denial. We are and we will always remain in denial mode.

        • Lol 4th generation fighter jets STILL make up the bulk of USA’s main fighting force and here you are, saying things without actually looking them up.

        • One of the great evils which have been caused by the easy access to the Internet is that it has given rise to keyboard analysts like yourself.
          For your information, there is no OPERATIONAL 5th gen drone in service anywhere in the world. Sure, many UAVs such as the Reaper, Predator or the Global Hawk incorporate some elements of 5th gen aircraft, but as yet, no country has fielded a true 5th gen UAV system.
          And we are not lying to ourself. We know and we accept the limitations of the technology that we have. But we have creatively overcome the limitations of that technology. I can go into the exact details, but I am sure that for a person like you I might as well be speaking Latin.

        • Actually there are less than ten 5th Generation fighter planes in the world, and NONE in the sixth that are operational, even though DARPA is testing a couple of designs (Aurora, Boeing FA/XXetc). But any and all are still in concept stage.
          Of the two fifth generation fighters operational with USA (F-22 and F-35). F-35 is considered the most expensive mistake in human history (by top USA experts) as it cannot even fly in rain or heavy thunderstorms — which is a basic norm — and has recently been grounded due to the fact that it blocked the oxygen of the pilots, almost killing them!
          Next these so-called “fifth” generation planes (including bombers like F-117 and B-2, can be detected by UHF and VHF radars which are World War-I era technology, and can only minimize (not completely evade C, X, Ku and the top part of the S bands radar).
          This is how the Serbian soldiers shot down — twenty years ago, the Marvel of modern technology (at the time) F-117 Night Hawk Stealth bomber — when no one even knew they existed — probably before you were even born, or were in diapers.
          So my dear Sami, please avoid making a fool of yourself by displaying your ignorance and extremely superficial knowledge in this area, and stay focused on playing Call of Duty in a fictional world, where USA is next to God and cannot even be scraped by any country in the world.
          The reality for those with knowledge on the subject is that despite spending almost ten times the rest of the world COMBINED on defense, and having the latest and greatest weapons on earth, USA has lost all wars it went into since WWII — including the current ones in Iraq, Afghanistan and even in Ethiopia, where Pakistani soldiers rescued 22 American soldiers from slipper wearing, half-naked, hungry radicals called Al Shabab.
          Hope this motivates you to research before commenting.

    • so what kind to stupid are you you want ballistic missile which are made for destroying cities to shoot few million drone! or anti tank missile or nuclear cruise missile, anti air air missile can shoot down any drone or hanza anti air missile can shoot down any air craft if its flying low or any air to air missile can shoot down any flying unit. in musharraf ear pakistan shot down few americans drones. its all about political decision politicians dont want to upset their grand dad or thier aid will be block and all the haram money they have

      • You needed a little brain to understand to understand my point. Whatever you have said is all i meant.

  • I have lived in Europe for many years. Give a paid trip to every Pakistani to Europe so they will realize that War is not the solution. Chest-thumping does not work as well. The only way to progress is Hardwork, Industrialization, Engineering, Innovation and Research.

    Our 50 percent budget is going to Military. It is a huge number. A Maximum of 20 Percent budget should be spent on Military. The rest should be invested in Universities, Schools and Research centers.

    • 50%? $300 billion of budget army only get 9.5 billion which about 3%

      living in europe doesnt make you intelligent

      • It actually seems to have damaged his tiny brain as the poor chap seems to have been attacked viciously by western cultural weapons, and a deep sense of inferiority complex, completely shattering his sense of analyses and reasoning and scrambling the eggs upstairs into a mushy omelette of self loathing.

        • Thanks for personal attacks. You other online troll friend do not know the basic difference in budget figures and GDP. Go and teach him before barking here. Also do not forget to polish the boots of FSC pass Army officers before going to sleep.

          • Sami, I am very disappointed that your tiny brain cannot grasp the idea of comparability — you cannot compare the budget of a developed economy with a third world country — so even a percentage ratio of a developed economy cannot be compared to a ratio of a non-developed country, because of the evolution continuum of that economy.

            And for your information some of my students are today CEOs in companies like Coca Cola in western countries, so as I mentioned stop humiliating yourself with such stupid and extraordinarily biopic comments — just leave the darn site alone!

      • Yes it makes me more intelligent because your comment is the dumbest comment I have seen here.
        You are a Pure Pakistani who do not know anything about economics. So you are telling me that the budget of Pakistan is 300 Billion US Dollars???. Go and read more. May be you are a FSC Pass like other Army Officers of Pakistan who cannot differntiate in the Budget and the GDP.
        You are mentioning the GDP figures. GDP figures and Budget amount are two different things.

        • or you should stop watching indian propaganda channels or western propaganda channels pakistan budget is about 50 billion and only 9.5 billion goes to army how 9.5 rounds up to become 50% of 50 billion ???????? yeah you should stick with washing toilets in europe cause you can’t do anything else with that brain
          gdp is counted in situation like this cause that army produce almost 70-75% weaponry in pakistan and that money remain in pakistan which benefits millions of people. about $2 billion are generated by making weapons, another $1 billion comes from local manufacturer and about 50 businesses are run by army which generate more then $10 billion looks like army is generating more then its receiving from gov .so not like you people who born in pakistan studied in pakistan , grow in pakistan, but rather help it you people just flee from this country and do nothing but talk nonsense against this country , if this country wont exist you wont either and along with mecca and madina

          go get some education the talk

    • Yes but 50% is inaccurate. Have hardworking honest people in the government and you will see where the money goes. Blaming defence is inaccurate.

    • Now you are getting annoying. First your ill-informed comment on top regarding “sixth generation” planes, and now this hare-brained comment here.
      Do you know what Halaku Khan said, when he put his foot on the head of Baghdad’s ruler, before chopping it off and rolling it with his feet, in a nice Persian carpet?
      Again, since you do not appear to be the researching type, and history can be a bit hard on tiny brains like yours, let me elucidate.
      He said, “Had the Abbasids spent the money they did on beautifying their cities
      with architectural marvels, and in music, and dancing and building libraries in a decent military — given the wealth of Baghdad, it would be my head rolling on the ground, and Al-Musta’sim standing here with his feet on it!”
      But ignorant liberal fascist keyboard warriors like you learn nothing from history, and are therefore bound to repeat mistakes made many times before.
      By the way I have visited quite a lot of western Europe (France, Spain, Germany, UK, etc) and some of Eastern Europe several times, and worked there as well, so please do not try pass any further comments that may embarrass you even further.
      Last — do you know — and I imagine that you may not, because knowing about Islam is the worst sin for liberal fascists — what were the only belongings of the Prophet Muhammed (Peace and Allah’s Blessings and Mercy Be Upon Him) when he passed away? A mantle, a couple of swords and a ring.
      Last according to Charles Tripp in his Book “Islam and the Moral Economy”, (pp 77-102) and I quote: “There is NO EVIDENCE that Muslim majority countries more to the military than Christian, or Budhist or those where other religions predominate”.
      In fact as a %age of GDP, Pakistan’s spending on Military has been DECREASING over the years and to correct YOUR Completely FALSE NUMBERS — Pakistan spends just 3.4% of its GDP on military spending. (Below are SIPRI numbers)

      In absolute numbers, Pakistan is spending less than US$ 10 billion a year, which makes it one of the most efficient military forces in the world per head (US$ 13,160 per person per year, including all weapons systems and all ancillary costs). Compare that with India, our only reason to actually even spend that much money, which spends US$ 56 billion, for their 1.2 million armed forces, at a rate of, wait for it. . . US$ 46,670/- per person per year. . .
      So Sami, I hope you decide to either stop writing such blatantly false comments, or apologise to all readers for trying to mislead them!!

    • So did the missiles take your job away? How much of a poor destitute must you be for an inanimate metal tube to threaten you with loss of job-security.

  • This is all bullshit. I don’t know which sources every news outlet in the country is quoting, but I do know one thing: PAKISTAN DOES NOT TELL THE WORLD IN ADVANCE ABOUT WHEN IT IS GOING TO TEST ITS STRATEGIC WEAPONS.
    It has never happened in the past, and it is Pakistan’s official policy to never do it in the present or the future. We are not going to war and the current geopolitical situation does NOT warrant any show of strength.
    It has become a national journalism culture to quote ‘informed sources’ regarding any lead which causes a surge in hits, likes and ratings. Even if Pakistan had planned to do any missile tests, then all the hype that is being created will probably prompt the authorities to hold off on the testing. Meanwhile, credible news sources such as ProPakistani should act responsibly and not mislead the nation and should not contribute to revelations which might be a threat to national security.

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