PM to Inaugurate 760MW Power Plant at Jhang

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will be inaugurating the first unit of the Haveli Bahadur Shah Power Plant at District Jhang today. The unit will provide 760 MW of energy to the national grid.

The Haveli Bahadur Shah project consists of a Combined Cycle Power Plant with a total production capacity of 1230 MW, fueled by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The first unit has been made operational in a record period of 21 months. The completion of civil works, construction of switchyard, cooling towers, fuel storage tanks and installation of gas turbine and generators has been completed not only in record time for Pakistan but also globally.

M/S Power Construction Corporation of China and Qavi Engineering Pvt. Ltd. of Pakistan jointly completed the project. The world’s most efficient and state of the art technology has been used in this project which guarantees an operational efficiency of 62.44% on LNG.

Moreover, a saving of Rs.57 billion has been achieved in project costs when compared to the upfront tariff given by NEPRA. A transparent procurement process was ensured through international competitive bidding and PPRA laws for the award of EPC contract for the project that resulted in securing one of the lowest EPC cost per Mega Watt.

An annual saving of Rs. 2 billion will be made through optimum operations and management cost. Haveli Bahadur Shah Power Plant Project has also set the record of fastest gas turbine installation from arrival of Turbines on site i.e. 94 days for Turbine No.1 and 73 days for Turbine No. 2.

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