Daily Stock Report: Market Still Jittery with 328 Points Loss

After falling over 1,000 points early Wednesday, the Pakistan Stock Exchange bounced back later in the day, with the KSE 100-index settling at 43792.19 points. When the index dropped by over 1,000 points in the morning, it was feared that Wednesday’s performance would mirror the day before, when the index plunged over 2,100 points. The benchmark index made a recovery and closed at -328.19 points today.

On Tuesday he KSE 100-share Index of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) dropped 4.65 percent or 2153.23 points to close at 44,120.58 points. It was the biggest daily decline in KSE 100 over the past 10 years. Pakistan’s stock index has dropped by 10,000 points to 53,100 since its peak in May. The market has lost almost Rs 600 billion of capitalization in the last two days.

Analysts blamed the uncertainty surrounding the Prime Minister’s future in light of the Panama case Joint Investigation Team’s (JIT) report submitted to the Supreme Court on Monday.

The index tested the day’s high at 44205.77 points. The day’s low of 43027.15 came towards market close. Overall the volumes were greater than yesterday, 215 million shares were traded. While in KSE 100 index 126 million shares changed hands with a total worth of nearly Rs 10.50 billion.

COMMERCIAL BANKS was the top traded sector with total traded volume of 29,977,500 shares. It was followed by POWER GENERATION with a total traded volume of 24,292,400 shares and CEMENT sector with a total traded volume of 22,562,700.

Shares of 345 companies were traded. At the end of the day, 140 Stocks closed higher, 192 declined while 13 remained unchanged.

K-Electric Ltd was the volume leader with 19.92 million shares, gaining Rs 0.32 to close at 6.76. It was followed by  TRG Pak Ltd with 14.76 million shares, gaining Rs 0.76 to close at Rs 36.13, Engro Polymer  8.48 million shares, losing Rs 0.92 to close at Rs 33.82 and Sui Northern with 8.31 million shares, losing Rs 6.70 to close at Rs 135.11

Top advancers of the market were:

Top decliners of the market were:

  • Let the market crash but get rid of this corrupt mafia head (NAWAZ SHARIF) once for all and Insha ALLAH by the downing of corrupt nooras, it will be a domino fall for all the corrupts eating this country. Next to go will be Zardari Insha ALLAH and so on

    • From your mouth to God’s ear. I hope they will arrest this crooked Nawaz Sharif and put him in jail for 50 years and then go after Asif zardari. He is even bigger crook

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  • بغض کی انتہا ہے کہ جن کو ملک کا پیسا کرپشن میں چلے جانے کی اتنی تکلیف ہیں ان کو سٹاک مارکیٹ میں روزانہ اربوں روپے کے نقصان کی زرہ برابر تکلیف نہیں ہو رہی بس اقتدار کی حوس ہے کہ ان کا من پسند کسی طرح وزیراعظم بند جائے

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