This Service Claims to Drive Pakistanis to Dubai for Just Rs. 6K per Head

Uber is a popular international player in the ride-hailing market. Its services are available in over 570 cities worldwide. All of this you probably already know by now.

But here’s something you probably didn’t know about Uber. Now you can theoretically get an Uber ride from one country to another. Who needs airplanes when you have Uber?

Apparently, the people at Uber Inc. took their mission statement “use Uber to travel from Point A to Point B without any hassle” a bit too seriously.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at screenshots of some planned rides from a city in one country to a city in another one. Here you can see how much it charges if you travel from Karachi to Dubai via a Uber ride:

As you can see, according to Uber’s price estimates, you can go from Karachi to Dubai in about Rs. 23,000 using Uber Go and Rs. 12,600 or Rs. 29,100 using Uber Auto and Uber X. Four people per car and that comes down to a very reasonable Rs. 6k per head.

You can even take a ride from Karachi to New Delhi apparently for as low as Rs. 5,200. There might be some hiccups at the border but if the Uber app says you can cross over, then who am I to argue?

Concluding Thoughts

While it’s certainly nice that Uber can now lets you see how much fare you’d be charged if you traveled across the oceans, it seems to be a (rather amusing) display bug that should be patched soon.

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  • you can go anywhere around the world if there is road linkage between source and destination :D

  • Seriously propakistani, you just wasted some precious 3 to 5 minutes of
    my life. I come here at propakistani so I will know some useful info,
    useful exiciting things about pakistani IT and telecom, some useful
    gadgets. And now you are in clickbaits and stuff.. R.I.P ProPakistani :-(

      • its not about 3 to 5 mins, if they will keep writing such pointless articles daily, it will waste millions of minutes of fellow pakistanis. I was trying persuade them out of this habit.

    • you wasted 3 to 5 minutes in reading and 15-20 minutes in writing and yet claiming pro Pakistani wasted your time.

      • I came here, I had no clue they are talking about a bug. But it was a bug, they never mentioned that in the article. Than I wanted them to stop wasting people’s time, so if my 5/10 minutes can persuade them into not writing pointless articles, those 5/10 minutes investment will save hundreds of minutes of other users, collectively.

    • you wasted your another 3 minutes in writing this useless comment. itnay baray aap donald trump

    • بھائی کوئی قیامت تو نہیں ا گئی۔ یہ ہنسی مزاق تھا۔

      Actually the article is all about a tech giant’s system bug.

      • I have no problem with the article, my problem is with the misleading title. After reading that, the first impression of any one will be, that is really a service, which can drive you do dubai in 6000 Rs. They should have mentioned something like bug etc in title. They are now using the cheap tactics to bring in traffic.

  • Obvio its a bug. No need to get excited or to exaggerate it.
    Well how one have this much time to post such article?

    • Well, when the only thing to do in life is to write such articles, then you can safely assume that they have all the time in the world to write such crap.

  • Yes you can. But the question is, do we have a uber driver to take us for that kind of a ride?

  • You need to change your blog name from ProPakistani to some funny name like mango man or banana and that’s you can categorize this post.

  • I feel sorry to see ProPaki taking a nose dive in terms of quality content.

    Does nobody ever review these useless posts?

    Amir, you used to do good, mate!

  • Poorly written clickbait article.
    One needs visa + permission + land access to the destination to reach it.

    Probably a poor bug in Uber.

  • This is what happens when you got to post something for your blog which sucks already but you can’t find a topic.

  • First Uber improve themselves in pakistan then think about out of country services
    Every one is complaining about uber services and driver.
    Careem is sweeping in pakistan
    They almost and already clean bold UBER in pakistan.
    This post ofcourse a managed post and there isn’t any fault of ProPakistani.
    If these kind of post is the part of Uber media strategy then God help them.
    No idea what kind of people they are hiring.
    Dear UBER this is pakistan please hire some local experienced person for your marketing and media strategy
    Fresh blood looks good in company but not on every front. There are veterans in the market.
    Your brand name can help you but not more than a year. Careem EATING you.
    TC and good luck to UBER.

  • Chillax people. It was fun to read. I am surprised to see so many negative comments. It was suppose to be funny.
    No doubt ProPak quality has gone down the hill but that is mostly with over the top branded content not with post like these just for fun

  • That is a weakness of the Uber App. Try to book a cab and you will know what I mean

  • Misleading article a trick to drive traffic from social media to earn some money. Shame on you

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