This Service Claims to Drive Pakistanis to Dubai for Just Rs. 6K per Head

Uber is a popular international player in the ride-hailing market. Its services are available in over 570 cities worldwide. All of this you probably already know by now.

But here’s something you probably didn’t know about Uber. Now you can theoretically get an Uber ride from one country to another. Who needs airplanes when you have Uber?

Apparently, the people at Uber Inc. took their mission statement “use Uber to travel from Point A to Point B without any hassle” a bit too seriously.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at screenshots of some planned rides from a city in one country to a city in another one. Here you can see how much it charges if you travel from Karachi to Dubai via a Uber ride:

As you can see, according to Uber’s price estimates, you can go from Karachi to Dubai in about Rs. 23,000 using Uber Go and Rs. 12,600 or Rs. 29,100 using Uber Auto and Uber X. Four people per car and that comes down to a very reasonable Rs. 6k per head.

You can even take a ride from Karachi to New Delhi apparently for as low as Rs. 5,200. There might be some hiccups at the border but if the Uber app says you can cross over, then who am I to argue?

Concluding Thoughts

While it’s certainly nice that Uber can now lets you see how much fare you’d be charged if you traveled across the oceans, it seems to be a (rather amusing) display bug that should be patched soon.

Zarar looks after Sports & Auto at ProPakistani.