Some Scammers Are Fooling People By Sending Emails As FBR

The Federal Board of Revenue has issued an official warning to the general public and taxpayers.

Hackers have been reported to use the name of the FBR and its email ID of [email protected] for spreading viruses and malware.

The revenue collection authority has alerted the taxpayers to fake, harmful emails-cum-notices being sent to them regarding anomalies in their tax returns.

The warning was issued in a statement by the FBR denying any association with these emails being sent from a fake email address [email protected] which has no connection with FBR’s official email domain.

These fake emails inform the targeted taxpayers that the tax returns filed by them do not match their sources of income and further advise them to contact the Commissioner Inland Revenue at the earliest. These emails also reportedly carry attachments infected by harmful viruses and malware.

This nefarious activity on part of some hackers is being used to send viruses and malware to the general public and taxpayers. The taxpayers and the general public are advised to ignore such fake emails and refrain from clicking any link provided in them. The receipt of such fake emails should be immediately reported to the authorities concerned.

Besides issuing a warning, FBR should take action against the fake email ID in collaboration with cyber wing of FIA to trace the culprits who are using FBR’s name to harm general public.

  • FBR Ne Kisi Bhi Tax Office Like, Custom, Income Tax, Excise Etc ko Official Email Diya he Nahi Hai :
    They should be allowed Custom,gov,pk, Excise,gov,pk & Fbr,Gov,pk & shown complete list with name and designation…

  • No one in Pakistan is aware of Email authentication protocols. Few of them have SPF records(mostly have syntax issues), most of them do not know DKIM and do not use it. Since they are not aware of these two so they don’t know DMARC either which protects against spoofing organizational domain.

    Though in this case scammer used external domain.

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