Xiaomi Releases a Dirt Cheap Motion Sensing Nightlamp

Xiaomi is one of the leading gadget manufacturers in the world. The company has recently introduced a motion-sensing Night Light which is equipped with a motion detector and turns on only when it detects any movement.

The gadget comes with a price of 49 Yuan ($7). Quite useful at night, particularly for elders, isn’t it? Xiaomi has a reputation of producing gadgets based on user needs, and this certainly is one such product.

Mi Induction Night Lamp

The smart night light, officially known as Mi Induction Night Lamp, is photosensitive. This means that the light can detect large objects like humans.

It is equipped with infrared dual induction technology and as it uses induction current, the lamp turns on only when something moves. With a simple yet elegant design, the Mi Induction Night Lamp has a sensing range of 120 degrees, helping it cover a wide area and sense objects up to 7 metres away.

It can prove to be quite effective , not just for the elders but for everyone, without disturbing anyone’s sleep. In addition, uninvited guests (read thieves) can also be sensed by this smart lighting device.

It is user-friendly with its adjustable brightness and it goes off after 15 seconds if there’s no movement.  You can hang it on the ceiling or a wall.

With its 3AA batteries, the Night Lamp consumes very little power and has a standby power draw of just 0.25 mW.

It has an extremely efficient minimalist design and fits almost everywhere, whether it’s your wardrobe or your room. The pleasant white light illuminates your homes and gives a great vibe!

It is already on sale in China. International buyers can get their their hands on one from Chinese resellers over the next couple of days.

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