Govt to Limit Friendly Open Sky Policy: PM’s Adviser on Aviation

Federal Government has decided to bring changes to the aviation policy. It has decided to limit the operations of foreign airlines. No new routes or increase in flights will be entertained. In short, the government has decided to limit the Open Sky aviation policy.

Experts believe that the decision has been taken to safeguard the rights of the national carrier PIA.

The decision was announced by Prime Minister’s Adviser on Aviation Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan. He was addressing the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) marketing conference at a local hotel in Karachi.

During the 2-day conference, various station marketing heads of both domestic and foreign airlines were in attendance. They also discussed progress and planning of their stations in the conference.

Sardar Mehtab informed during the conference that the national carrier PIA booked heavy losses due to the friendly Open Sky policy. Therefore, from now onward, no foreign air carrier will be allowed to increase its operations in the country.

“No foreign airline will allow to increase its flights, routes and frequency under the open sky policy.” – Sardar Mehtab

The Adviser also said that there is very tough competition in the aviation industry. To fulfill the current market demands, PIA needs to increase its network.

Sardar Mehtab also said that a merit culture should be promoted in PIA where merit will be the priority. He appreciated the current management specially acting CEO Nayyer Hayyat and acting CCO Thari Nayaz. And said they take airline in right direction.

Newly appointed Chief Operation Officer Zia Qauadir Qurashi and Chief Commercial Officer Bilal Munir also addressed the conference. PIA marketing managers briefed the conference about their work and progress.

  • consumers/travelers will lose in the end. PIA’s babus still wont be able to take any advantage out of it.

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