Jazz Partners with Coursera for Transformational Leadership Training Courses

Jazz has announced a collaboration with Coursera, the global leader in online education and learning.

Under this partnership, Jazz will offer high quality leadership development courses to its employees digitally.

Through this initiative, Jazz reinforces its commitment towards building stronger leaders across the organization by enhancing their skills through world class content designed by world’s top universities.

Speaking of this collaboration, Asghar Jameel, Chief People Officer at Jazz, said, “Our people leaders are the key catalysts in making Jazz a world-class organization. Leadership Development is one of our key focus areas, and we believe that our leaders will greatly benefit from this opportunity of learning from the world’s top minds, and will build the required skills to lead people effectively.”

“We are excited to partner with the biggest telecom company of Pakistan in this transformational journey. Coursera is well positioned to provide leadership development courses from the world’s top educational institutions. Our programs are designed to help move the organization forward on key skills they need to stay competitive in today’s workplace, and Jazz employees will immensely benefit from this partnership” said Raghav Gupta, Director, Coursera.

Coursera platform offers tremendous flexibility to the learners. The content can be accessed using a desktop/laptop and a mobile across iOS and Android platforms.

An employee can complete the course on his/her own pace within a defined period.

The Course content includes video lectures, auto-graded and peer reviewed assignments along with instructor and community discussion forums.

  • Although this is a good initiative, digitizing your L&D, your completion rates are going to be abysmal. There is ample research that MOOCs have a very low completion rate and those that touch 20% are usually by individuals who are intrinsically motivated and learning something outside of their educational background. Many organizations have tried and failed with LMS’s simply because they just don’t have the means to push their people to actually do them. Employees will be more concerned with fulfilling their core responsibilities.

    If you make course completion a requirement of their development process or add weight in the performance appraisal you’ll end up with people cutting corners and having others complete the exams and quizzes for them. Many organization in Pakistan that have tried and failed to really extract value from their LMSs. Not to mention it would have made more sense to develop this platform internally by building your own platform on moodle or using articulate. The L&D curve has moved towards gamification which is where you should have focused your efforts on instead of this.

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