This is the Most Creative Underpass in Karachi

Infrastructure, especially roads, get little attention in Pakistan, especially when it comes to its aesthetics and decoration. Most routes are as dull as they come. However, the new underpass that has been inaugurated at Drigh Road, Sharah-e-Faisal, Karachi is a sight to behold.

The underground passageway has been named Shaheed Munawwar Suharwardi Underpass. Inaugurated on Saturday, this underpass is 250 metre long and was completed 15 days before its estimated deadline.

It cost the Sindh government Rs 660 million to complete the project in a little less than 4 months.

The “beautification” part of the project has also been completed prior to its public inauguration. Take a look at the video below to see what it looks like:

According to the public announcement, the eye-pleasing underpass has an efficient drainage system which should mean no rainwater swimming pools (something that most Karachites are a bit too familiar with when it comes to their daily commuting).

Drigh Flyover to Follow

The underpass was inaugurated by Bilawal Bhutto and Chief Minister Sindh, Murad Ali Shah. The CM has now announced the reconstruction of the Dright Road flyover as well. He said that the flyover is misaligned and will be fixed to reduce problems for the locals. However, he pointed out that during the construction of the project, routine travelers will have to choose alternate routes.

CM Sindh has also informed the people of Karachi that the government is focused on improving the city by constructing roads, underpasses, flyovers and is also trying to resolve the cleanliness issue.

The Sindh government definitely has its hands full after ignoring the largest city of the country for most part of the past four years and needs such publicity projects to improve its image in front amongst the public.

What do you think, are such projects needed to improve a city’s looks or should it be considered just a publicity stunt? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Graphics are good but place is wrong, this will increase the accidents for sure. There shouldn’t be any distraction for drivers.

  • There is a reason why tunnels (sometimes over a kilometer long), in Italy and other countries are brightly lit, well ventilated but NOT decorated with landscape as this becomes a DISTRACTION POINT for motorist, motorcyclists leading ineveitably to ACCIDENTS.

  • Can somebody please tell them that they actually need to plant trees, just pasting pics of trees wouldn’t do.

  • Its beautiful, innovative and inspiring, Now please clean the city from garbage because these few pictures are useless if the real Karachi is just show the actual picture of garbage.

  • Sindh Govt should urgently ban Polyethene Bags (Plastic Bags) which has choked most of the major and minor sewers of Karachi.

    Wiki Reference:
    Environmental issues:

    Non-compostable plastic bags can take centuries to decompose. In the 2000s, many stores and companies began to use different types of biodegradable bags to comply with perceived environmental benefits

    Plastic shopping bags which escape the garbage collection process can end up in streams, which then lead them to end up in the open ocean. An estimated 300 million plastic bags end up in the ocean due to escaping the garbage. The way in which the bags float in open water can resemble a jellyfish, posing significant dangers to marine mammals and Leatherback sea turtles, when they are eaten by mistake and enter the animals’ digestive tracts

    Even though the bags are plastic, most recycling plants do not recycle them. The type of plastic in plastic bags makes it difficult to be recycled into new material. Additionally, the material frequently causes the equipment used at recycling plants to jam, thus having to pause the recycle machinery and slow down daily operations.

    The World has already banned it, I can’t get an idea on why the heck it is still being used in Pakistan.

  • Thats beautiful. Really amazing work. Authorities need to do this with other roads and underpass, tunnels etc as well.

  • Panaflex should not be used beside the distraction for every new driver passing by first time. this is not long lasting and civil construction standards usually doesn’t have panaflex printing for the beautification anywhere. colorful bricks or engrave pattern should be used which could be more elaborated with permanent paint coating…. Lets see how long these panaflex will going to sustain…

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