HBL Branch in UAE Gets Robbed In Broad Daylight

Habib Bank Limited, one of the largest Pakistani banks globally, found itself as the target of a bank heist earlier today.

A branch of Habib Bank Limited in Sharjah, United Arab Emirated (UAE) was robbed during daylight today. Fortunately, no loss of lives has been reported so far.

Details of the Robbery

The police say that the branch, which is located on the busy Al Buhaira Road, got robbed at 11am this morning.

According to eye witness accounts, some 4 masked and heavily armed robbers entered the bank during the early morning hours. They went in holding their weapons and snatched the cash from one of the tellers at gun point.

After relieving the bank teller of the cash, the robbers immediately fled the scene.

Sharjah Police Gets Into Action

Sharjah Police, after receiving a call from the bank at about 11 am, immediately dispatched men towards the bank who then cordoned it off.

The police has begun its investigations by lifting fingerprints from the scene of the crime, reviewing CCTV camera footage and interrogating the staff at the bank. Given the highly unusual occurence of a bank heist in Sharjah, the police are confident that they will nab the culprits soon.

There’s been no word so far on how much cash and valuables the robbers stole from the HBL branch in UAE.

via Khaleej Times