Find Out How Much Income Tax Pakistani Politicians Pay

Until a few years ago, Pakistanis had no idea how much taxes Pakistani politicians paid or what was the net worth of their assets. This changed when government was pressurized to reveal the information to the public back in 2014.

When the first list of how much tax was paid by politicians was published, it was found that almost one-third of the MNAs did not pay a single rupee of tax while several paid taxes which were less than what a commoner pays.

FBR has now published its fourth “Parliamentarians Tax Directory” today. The list details the amount of income tax paid by all 1010 Pakistani parliamentarians (MNAs, MPAs, Senators etc.).

It must be mentioned that there are still some parliamentarians who are yet to submit their tax returns and have been allowed an extra month to do so.

This directory contains information for the tax year 2016 i.e. the one that ended on 30 June 2016.

Some notable politicians and there income tax returns have been listed below:

  • Muhammad Nawaz Sharif – Rs. 2,524,213
  • Jahangir Khan Tareen – Rs. 53,677,426
  • Pervaiz Rasheed – Rs. 137,271
  • Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif – Rs. 9,531,060
  • Syed Murad Ali Shah – Rs. 743,471
  • Sirajul Haq – Rs. 34,941
  • Molana Fazal Ur Rehman – Rs. 50,181
  • Imran Khan – Rs. 159,609
  • Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah – Rs. 124,215
  • Mushahid Ullah Khan – Rs. 11,313
  • Asad Umar – Rs. 6,368,864
  • Pervaiz Khattak – Rs. 813,869
  • Nisar Ali Khan – Rs. 1,192,618
  • Sheikh Rashid Ahmed – Rs. 505,966
  • Pervaiz Ellahi – Rs. 1,482,588
  • Khawaja Mohammad Asif – Rs. 831,986
  • Ahsan Iqbal – Rs. 82,440
  • Ali Muhammad Khan – Rs. 65,686
  • Sardar Ayaz Sadiq – Rs. 104,853
  • Khawaja Saad Rafique – Rs. 3,983,491
  • Faryal Talpur – Rs. 1,903,571
  • Mehmood Khan Achakzai – Rs. 17,470
  • Anusha Rahman Ahmad Khan – Rs. 97,906
  • Marriyum Aurangzeb – Rs. 50,181
  • Dr Shireen Mehrunnisa Mazari – Rs. 1,347,054
  • Murad Saeed – Rs. 34,941
  • Rana Sana Ullah Khan – Rs. 1,228,936
  • Syed Qaim Ali Shah – Rs. 51,579
  • Dr Muhammad Farooq Sattar – Rs. 39,758
  • Mohammad Ishaq Dar – Rs. 4,617,328

The highest amount of tax was paid by Jahangir Khan Tareen (Rs. 53,677,426). The lowest amount of tax was paid by Fayaz Ali Butt (Rs. 1,095 only).

We leave the rest to our readers to decide whether the income taxes paid by the politicians are enough to justify their income from personal businesses, everyday expenses and even salaries from foreign jobs.

The complete list of all parliamentarians can be viewed here.

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