Harmain Train from Madina to Mecca Goes Live [In Pictures]

Planned in 2012 by the Saudi authorities in order to facilitate quick movement of Muslim pilgrims from Mecca to Madina, the Harmain high speed railway project has been completed. It started its operations today.

About the Harmain High Speed Railway

The high speed railway project links the holy cities of Medina and Mecca. It is spread over a distance of 449.2 kilometres (279.1 mi) for the main line and 3.75-kilometre (2.33 mi) for the branch connection to the King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA).

Reaching a speed of 330 kph, the new train could cut travel time between the two cities down to as little as 90 minutes. The new 12,000 horsepower electric locomotive would save as much as 120 minutes of the current commute between Jeddah and Madina.

According to the details of the project, more than 1.9 million meters of telecommunication cables were laid down. About four million tonnes of gravel was in its construction, and more than 1,500 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras for control and command were installed.

The fares have not yet been revealed.

Expected to carry about three million people throughout the year, the train has five main stops:

  1. Medina (or al Madinah Al- Munawra) at the north end of the line,
  2. King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh,
  3. King Abdulaziz International Airport,
  4. Jeddah’s city center,
  5. Makkah in the south.

Here’s the Harmain railway project in pictures:

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      • Jis mulk ki GDP $646.4 billion ho, wahan $20 billion ki koi value nahi, utna to wo Harmain ki maintenance mai laga dete hn.

        • Yeah, but it’s not a knowledge economy. Whole GDP is based on oil.

          And yes $20 billion worth a lot.

            • hum ko sher aur teer nai mara bhai sb. wagarna idhar bahut wasail hain. zardari/nawaz ki daulat se andaza laga lain.

          • I never said It’s a knowledge economy.
            And, $20 billion is nothing to them, they gift billions of dollars to others.
            PS. Cost of maintenance of holy places are way more than $20 bil./anum.

            • You can’t teach these things to illiterate fools living in Pakistan who dance and sing qawali on the graves of their “baba” and call it “urs”. Their IQ level is below than apes.

          • Samna for your knowledge only 15 countries in the world has GDP of $1 trillion or more. Since when Pakistan GPD got more than $300 billion?

            To those who are saying oh its no big deal its only $20 billion. $20 billion is alway big amount. First look at your country and people who are so corrupt that there is even corruption in hajj quota. Saudis are way less corrupt then Pakistanis.

            We should be thankful to them that they had the vision and resources to create such project for our well being. If they dont we cant do anything.

      • I smell a sectarian parasite who hates saudis? Keep your deluded thoughts to yourself. Saudis are not bound to share 20 billions dollars with slum dwellers living in Pakistan. They got to spend that on their own infrastructure and to provide better facilities for pilgrims.

        Jahil grave worshipers from India Pakistan and Iran are dreaming to spread their fitnah in two holy cities of Muslims. But I guarantee you that as long as we Ahle tawheed are alive, we won’t let your dreams come true.

      • You have no idea what you are talking about. You should visit Makkah or Madinah and see yourself how much they spend and care for Hajis. Do you think its a piece of cake maintaining two holy mosques and completing a huge project like this reducing travel time from 5 hours to 90 Minutes? IT IS A “BRI BAT”!
        There are countless projects going on over there and which are near to their completion within due dates. that is also a “bri bat”!

      • Idhar angrez na aata to ye rail b na hoti. Pakistan ne aik inch ka izafa nahin kia balke rail ki patrian b kha gaye.

    • Agar aaj Govt aisa Mansooba announce ker day tu sub sey pehlay app log hi iss k khilaf bolo gey. Electric train chalaney sey qoam nai banti….. typical PTI stuff… Ab saudia walon ney banai ha tu tareef ho rahi ha. Strange behavior of pakistanis…

      • Kya dumb bat ki bhai. Pakistan men itni ghurbat hai apko aur hum jeson ko idea tak nhi. Motorways or railways se ziada ghareboon ki food security, healthcare and education ki zaroorat hai.
        Saudia ne awam pr buht kharch kya aur ab bhi krte hain. Unki awam itni ghareeb nhi jitni pakistani awam hai. Saudia ne apni economy subsidize kia but ulta hamari government taxes lga kr mahengai brhati hai. Saudia men living standard much better hai even pakistani expats k. Men bachlours ki bat nhi kr rha but pakistani families ki bat kr rha hun.

    • Bullet trains are expensive

      You must consider Elon Musk’s Hyperloop

      Hyperloop is the future!

      • Saudi Arabia is one of the largest sponsors of terrorism in the world.. stop being delusional and accept the facts. Wahabbism is not Islam.

        • I humbly request to all people here that please stick to the point of discussion and don’t humiliate each other or call bad words, whole world is connected to this forum and seeing our attitude. Please understand.

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        • I am sorry if I have offended you, but you could had asked me to clarify instead of calling me names. Anyway, you too stay happy :-)

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          What I might need is a dyslexia treatment, you are the one who needs a primary education.

          And if you had half a brain cell alive (which I highly doubt, considering the kind of blog you are running, and that too under a false name), you might had gotten the sarcasm in my statement.

          Anyway, stay happy :-)

  • Although most of the work is completed, the opening is planned in the first quarter of 2018. So Syed Zafar, the operations will start in 2018. The track near Makkah station is not complete yet.

  • There was a test drive between Madinah and Jeddah.
    In Makkah, I live very close to this station, the construction is going on and no trains yet

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