JazzCash QuickPay: Make Instant Payments by Scanning a QR Code

Imagine if you are given an option of paying your friend, or a vendor or at a store by just scanning QR code. That is, just open up you app, scan a QR code and click on pay.

You don’t need account details for the person to whom you are sending money. It’s simply scan and pay.

Real life applications are limitless; for instance after buying something online, you are shown a QR code that you would scan from your smartphone and click on the pay button to complete the transaction is securest possible way.

QR payments eliminate various challenges, such as you don’t have to ask for the account details of the other person, you don’t have to input the details in your account and above everything, your transmission won’t require any third-party member to store your personal and financial information (such as entering your credit card online).

JazzCash has introduced something similar for Pakistani market. Currently in pilot phase, JazzCash will allow its customers to pay each other without any hassle. Service comes without any charges if its account to account payments and transactions are in real time.

Here’s how JazzCash QuickPay Works:

Step 1: Open you JazzCash Account

Step 2: Select Quick Pay (on bottom left)

Step 3: After scanning a QR code, input the amount you want to transfer

Last step: Click Next, enter your MPIN (for security purposes) and you are are done

With such ease, comfort and security, JazzCash QuickPay can easily replace cash in our daily lives.

While the service has just launched with some pilot testing, we are anticipating that — down the line — they are going to take hundreds of thousands of retailers, merchants and online stores onboard to enable them with quick and hassle free payments.

To get the service, download JazzCash mobile app and test the facility yourself.

Customers with an active JazzCash Mobile Account can get their QR code by visiting http://www.jazzcash.com.pk/quickpay/

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

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