This One-Wheeled Bike Can Let You Travel Anywhere You Want

Built with a simple mission of making motorized transportation easy, accessible and enjoyable, the one-wheeled RYNO is less than a motorcycle but at the same time, so much more.

This one-wheeled, electric-powered personal motor device is a ride of your dreams that can take you anywhere with less footprint to the street and even less damage to your pocket book.

It is easy, efficient and environment friendly. The RYNO takes just 0.375 KW/hr for every 10 miles traveled with a single 25-inch tyre.

The Inspiration Behind RYNO

Chris Hoffmann, the American inventor behind it, recalls the time when he first got the idea for the tiny bike. One day, he went fishing with his daughter and she asked him if he could build a one-wheeled motorcycle for her.

RYNO CEO, Chris Hoffmann, said:

When my daughter was 13 years old, she drew a sketch of a one-wheel motorcycle she saw in a video game and asked me to build it.

The Dragon Ball Z video game from which Lauren Hoffman conceived the idea

The first prototype of the RYNO bike was built in the year 2008 but unfortunately, it failed to gather much attention during that time.

However, once it started going into mass production in 2012, slowly but surely people came to know about it. It costed as much as $4,200 when the first production models came out.

The bike has been rolled out in certain regions of Asia as well as in America to date.

Go Wherever You Want

RYNO offers you the freedom to take you anywhere. Its creator claims that it can help you travel anywhere you want in almost about the same time as a car, scooter or a two-wheeled motor-bike it takes for you to travel to the same place. Only with less frustration thanks to its nimble design.

It also helps you mingle with people if you happen to find yourself in front of a crowd thanks to its length, which is about half of what a typical bicycle measures normally. And then of course, it is not limited by roads and bike lanes.

With RYNO, you can also go to the art or music festivals, sports events, shopping malls, urban parks, offices and inside the elevators and reach the floor of your destination just like a person would do by walking.

Park It Anywhere

Parking the RYNO is easy. You can just get off the bike, deactivate its balancing system, set the RYNO down on the built-in parking bumpers, and put on the parking brake.

It is important to check the parking brake if you are parking the bike on inclined surfaces, i.e. on a terrain that might be uphill or downhill.

Ride and Maintenance

The RYNO, despite its one wheel, keeps you from falling by balancing you forward and backward – side-ward balancing is entirely up to you! The bike accelerates when you move forward and slows down when you move backward.

There is also a lever actuated stop assist system if you want to slow down faster.  Learning to ride it can be done as easily as riding a normal bike.

Good news is, although RYNO is a high-tech vehicle, it does not require much attention from your side other than regular battery charging and inflating the tyres properly.

There’s no doubt that the RYNO, if it ever comes to our part of the world, can prove to be a runaway success, provided if the price is just right and within reach for the typical Pakistani middle-class household.

  • The Tyre is too thick, it will consume much power in less time.

    I guess turning the bike will be interesting, since its one wheel.

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