Find Out What Luxuries a Former PM of Pakistan Gets

In the eyes of the public, a government official who is part of the assemblies are fairly entitled to certain perks and privileges when they hold office. The public also believes that once outvoted, these former office holders aren’t entitled to what they used to get before.

This isn’t what usually occurs in these cases. Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of retirement benefits for former office holders.

Take the example of the former and current Prime Ministers of Pakistan. Whether it’s someone like Nawaz Sharif or Yousuf Raza Gilani, who held the post for around 4 years or someone like Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who is expected to stay in office for a mere 45 days (or for the rest of PML-N’s 5 year term), every former Prime Minister of Pakistan is entitled to the same luxurious retirement benefits.

According to the ‘The Prime Minister’s Salary, Allowances and Privileges Act, 1975’ and future amendments in the gazette up until 2012, even if someone is a Prime Minister for a single day, he or she is allowed to receive the retirement benefits bestowed upon former Prime Ministers and their families.

Some notable benefits that former PMs receive after they’re no longer in office are listed below:

  • Official Blue Pakistani passport
  • Free Utilities (Gas, water, electricity)
  • Unlimited phone calls
  • Two government paid servants
  • Two government paid guards with weapons
  • Official Residence (bungalow) in Islamabad
  • A government paid driver
  • A government paid telephone operator
  • A government paid personal secretary
  • A government paid personal assistant
  • A car with free petrol allowance
  • Monthly fund of Rs. 175,000
  • Free medical healthcare facilities
  • Free air travel tickets for local and international trips

Some of the above mentioned facilities, like healthcare, are also available to the family of a retired Prime Minister.

Former office holders being afforded such luxuries isn’t unheard of, since it usually is the norm in most countries. However, in a country where 29.5% of the population lives in below the poverty level, where debts have ballooned to their highest ever levels, surely it isn’t too far-fetched to forego these benefits that end up costing the taxpayers of the country.

Via: 92HD, Official Govt Documents

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  • Governemtn Her Saal Labour Salary Decided Karti Hai Jaise PKR: 15,000 Ek Mazdoor Ki Salary
    Government Officer, Minister, PM & President Bhi Pakistani Labour He Howe
    In Ko PKR : 15,000 Main Without Any Benefits Guzara Karwao : Ye Law In K Lye Q Nahi Hai :
    (Jab Hazrat Abu Bakkar Se Sawal Howa K Itni Kam Mazdorri Q tab Apne Kaha Agar Mera Guzara Is Main Nahi Howa to Mazdoor Ki Salary Barhadoga :)
    Shame on it : That is Called K Ye ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN Hai : Jaha Rules ISLAM K HIsaab Se Hai He Nahi :

    • When you support democracy then have patience to bare all this. Or support shariah fully an apply to your self first.

      • I cannot believe people like you call what is practiced in our country “democracy” — do you even know the meaning of the word? Why are idiots like you even given a computer to spread your diseased crap across the internet?
        Try visiting one of the Scandinavian countries to understand what is really a democracy, before trying to give such stupid excuses here.
        And please, just do not reply, people have now become much more knowledgeable to understand.

        Oh I love your DP “I stand with Qatar” — mind giving your “democracy” sermon to them?

        • Democracy has to be refined with time. Smart people like you keep watching a dictators incharge for 10 years and cannot bear a civilian for 5 years.
          You know what the Bots call people like us…… “Bloody Civilians”.

    • Yeh Siyasatdaan kehtey hain Siyasat ko Ibadat samjh k kartay hain. Aur awam ki khidmat karnay k liye kartay hain. Is mulk main kanoon laya jaye k kisi parliamentarian, pm, cm, minister, advisor, darbari, mazari etc kisi ko aik rupya nahi milay ga aur jis ko yeh ibadat aur awam ki khidmat karni hai woh fi sabillillah aakay karay. Phir dekhtey hain in kanjaron main se kitnay aakay awam ki khidmat aur siyasat ko ibadat samjh k kartay hain.

  • Due to above luxuries, we are facing issues publicly. We are the sole responsible for this as we did not cast vote as Amanat. We make it even for biryani plate and hug from such pitty candidates. Allah gives us vision to bring change and it is not possible without vote.

    • It’s not a big issue ex prime minister deserve it as there had been only 28 PMs so far most of whom dead.So its not a big news for thrill.Anyways for information it is ok

      • Not ONE of them “deserves” it — do you think they deserve it more than the school teacher who honestly does her job, or his job?
        Or the nurse in a government hospital.
        It is people like you who encourage thieves like Nawaz and Zardari — you people do not DESERVE democracy, because you do not know what it really is.
        Just going into the booth and casting a vote is NOT democracy.
        And if one of these dacoits had done their job a they were supposed to, we could have still understood having some degree of sympathy with what you say, but what these SOBs deserve is to be publicly hanged, not rewarded with free money from a poor nation’s coffers!

  • We don’t hear anything about Jernails post retirement benefits. You need to grow some balls. People gonna confront boot lickers every where, revolution is coming.

    • A general comes to rank after a hard training may be +20 years. There is nothing to compare a General or a politician. In politics Grandfather to son to grandson to……… like Bhutos, Shareefs & bla bla.

    • Why don’t we put the politicians on LOC for one year, and then decide? These politicians are bloodsuckers who do NOTHING for the country from the comfort of palaces paid by us, and yet you equate them with soldiers who die daily protecting assholes like you so you can come here and give idiotic statements from your bedrooms like this.
      Try growing your won balls by volunteering to go to the borders, or sending your brother to get killed. Try picking up your real brothers coffin, with your brother’s body delivered in seventy nine pieces in a crate, and then come and comment — and yes I have a right to say this to you, because I have lost family defending frackers like you so they can come here and give lazy comments like these.

      • Every political Govt favored peace with enemies but Bots care more about their authority which they enjoy by haunting us of our enemies.
        Who created LOC a problematic zone in first place. Even wars end with dialogue, even winning of war doesn’t ensure peace.

        • You seem either naive or dishonest. How did all the greatest wars end? Let’s talk recently, World War-1, World War-2? Was USA negotiating with Japan when they dropped A-Bombs on civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
          Which fool’s paradise are you living in?
          Peace? What peace? Did the Palestinians not want peace? What has become of them? What happened to the peaceful Bosnian Muslims?
          Peace is negotiated from a position of strength — and that position of strength comes from having a balance of military power.
          You should study history when you get the time — weak countries have never negotiated peace — only surrender.
          LOC was created by Indian military INVADING Kashmir after a lying Hindu prince sold out his people for a few dimes. Just like they invaded and annexed Junagadh, Hyderabad Deccan, Sikkim and many other princely states,
          You do not negotiate peace with someone who has his boots on your throat. They broke our country into half, what more evidence of their intent do people like you need to have peace?
          Peace? If peace was the sole objective, then Islam would also have told us to “turn the other cheek” rather than prepare for Badar.
          You seem to neither study world history, nor your own religious history — do you even know when Suleh-Huddaybiya was negotiated for peace?
          When Muslims were overwhelming in force and negotiated from a position of strength — not when they were outnumbered 1-5 on Badar!
          But Waseem mian, you do not seem to be the type to study history, just have “keena purwaree” in your heart against the military forces of this blessed country.

          • Why don’t you study the international history first. I think you study lot of articles by ex men.

            • My dear, you know nothing about me, so please keep your ignorant comments to yourself. I know what I am, and how indepth my study of all civilizations from Ancient Egyptians to Babylonians to Romans and Greeks to Nords, to Aztecs to Incas, to Chinese and Indus Valley is significantly enough to be able to give the comments I have given.
              I also know the languages of these civilizations (from Hieroglyphics to Cuneiform). It is perhaps you, who needs to brush up their knowledge. If you had only known, rather than listening to propaganda, you would have answered my examples with counter-examples, instead you just choose to make wild general comments about “study international history first” — because that is the easiest and laziest way out of the argument, rather than putting in a few hours of research.
              So sad for our nation that people like you have access to public fora. What a waste!

              • I am not here to argue with anyone. My comments are as per my knowledge and thoughts and I am not a perfect human being.

          • I agree with you for the most part but if you really think our armed forces is so fearless and pious, you’ve got another thing coming.

            Correction, they did not break our country into half. We did that all by ourselves. They were just there to take advantage of the situation. And need I remind you the humiliating defeat we suffered in that war?

            While there’s no doubting the strength of those on the front line, unfortunately the top brass nowadays takes more interest in boardroom politics than war strategies.

            • I agree with you — I am only talking about the men who die with purity of heart for the country and Islam, not the generals — I am a family of one of the Shuhada, who was an ordinary soldier, not a General.
              However breaking of the country is another topic of discussion, Military or the person who called the people of Pakistan “Animals to be herded like sheep” — Father of democracy Mr. Bhutto (in case you have not listened to that private discussion of his — its available on youtube).
              It was he who famously said “tun wahan hum yahan” — so equal responsibility to him — but above all, to all of the nation who continues to learn nothing from our past disasters, and to this day is demonizing certain parts of the country — we cannot continue this way.
              A certain part always boasts about its 60% population, but pays less than 20% of the total taxes, and generates as much revenue for the country.
              As I have mentioned elsewhere on this site, not only as muslims, but as Pakistanis, how can we actively participate in such apartheid in this day and age.
              When youth from that part of the country embrace their responsibilities by treating all Pakistanis as equals, with equal respect and equal rights, only then will we flourish as a country.
              Otherwise we learnt nothing from Bangladesh catastrophe. India would NEVER have been able to incite our brothers there had we not messed up ourselves.
              You cannot blame just the army for it. It i sthe work of social parties to bring harmony and unity amongst the people — it was Quaid-e-Azam, not the army chief who gave us Pakistan, and made us one nation.
              Why is it that we blame the military for something that is not their domain? And it is always the failure of us, the civilians, which causes the military to gain that strength and interfere — which is we had honesty and integrity and Fear of Allah, would never happen otherwise.
              See what happened in Turkey? At one time their military was more powerful and embedded in politics and social arena than ours, yet how did Erdogan make them toothless?
              By performance, and delivering results. When I went to Turkey in the 90’s US$ was millions of Lira, and inflation was in the thousands of percentages, now it was completely different.
              If our politicians deliver, and lead with loyalty to country then nothing can shake them!

  • 8 Government paid people will do his ‘ghulami’.
    Ghareeb ki maarte raho aur khud khaatay raho.

  • hor chupo. khotha khane wali qaum. tum logon ki tax money kahan jarahi hai. tum sirf naarebazi aur vote dene k liye ho aur bus.

  • It would interesting to share the perks and benefits retired federal secretaries, high court and supreme Court judge and three and four stars generals.

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