Wahyd Launches its Ride Hailing Services in Islamabad

A new ride hailing service has been launched in Islamabad. The service is currently limited to Islamabad only and works the same way as Careem and Uber.

Called “Wahyd” the service claims to offer the best fares around. It comes with an Android and iOS app in addition to on-call booking facility. This puts Wahyd in roughly the same category as Daewoo which also recently launched its own ride hailing service.


As for the fares themselves, the rates are fairly similar to Careem in Islamabad (not on peak factor of course). You get Rs. 100 credit after signing up on Wahyd.


Careem Go vs Wahyd Economy

Careem Go+ vs Wahyd Regular

As evident from the rates above, Wahyd may not really be offering the best fares in Islamabad, however that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to the service.

Booking a Ride and Payment Options

Just like Careem you also get promo codes and a ride later option with Wahyd. When booking a ride the app shows you a receipt before confirmation. The receipt lists Pickup location, Destination, estimated fare, trip duration and distance as well as ride type and order time

You can also choose to use credit first from the receipt, in addition to adding comments for the driver.

The drivers themselves are called “Guides”.

Payment options range from cash, credit card, Wahyd credit and easypay. Wahyd credit is similar to Careem’s credit system where any additional payments are added to your wallet. You can also add Wahyd credit via an Easypaisa account ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000.

Special Bookings

Wahyd comes with an additional “special” category aside from Economy, Regular and Premium. The Special category allows you to book SUVs and vans for a day (similar to a car rental). The vehicles include:

  • Toyota Prado 2004
  • Toyota Prado 2010/2013
  • Toyota V-8 Land Cruiser 2010/2013
  • Toyota Vigo 2012/2015
  • Toyota Hiace Grand cabin 2010/2014
  • Toyota Corolla 2017

Your order will be confirmed 2 hours after you place it. Cancelling 2 hours after booking would result in a cancellation fee.


The app however is limited to main sectors of Islamabad only and does not extend to suburbs. In our tests the service was unavailable in Shakar Parian as well, which is a surprise, though that may be due to the service just starting out right now.

You can download Wahyd on Android from here and on iOS from here.

Have you tried out Wahyd? How was your experience? Sound off in the comments.

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  • Now a days every cab service is trying to fool like I am trying to fool Abdul wahab:D

  • Best of Luck To Wahyd. I hope they are Successful. Hope they get enough success to launch outside Pakistan one day.

  • wow!!! but e love bykes!! please do a review on bykea too! also rocket rickshaw rocks

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