Daewoo Launches Its Own Ride Hailing App

Before the likes of Uber and Careem entered the Pakistani market, you had to rely on taxis to get you from point A to point B.

You could also book a cab from the small number of cab services around at that time (for almost 3-4 times the price in most cases). These private cab companies featured bigger cars with ACs, and were expensive to use as well.

Daewoo was one of those ‘premium cab services’ back in the old days. Now the company is looking to take a slice out of that ride hailing services pie as well, given the popularity and potential that they afford us in our everyday lives. They have released a new app to compete with Careem and Uber directly.

Availability and Promotional Offer

The service is available in the following cities:

  • Lahore
  • Rawalpindi/Islamabad
  • Karachi
  • Multan
  • Peshawar
  • Abbottabad
  • Sialkot
  • Faisalabad
  • Sukkur

Users in Karachi will be able to use the promo code DAEWOOFIRST to get Rs. 300 off their first ride in the city.

Unlike the other ride sharing services, Daewoo offers business cars only (Toyota Corolla XLI and similar cars) and is much more expensive in comparison. Daewoo is hoping to target a niche with its luxury ride hailing services in the market.

We tested the Daewoo app. Read on to find our first impressions about it.

Daewoo Cab App (Features)

The Daewoo app is quite similar to the Careem app in terms of its overall design. However the difference becomes apparent quickly as the app lacks the animations and the polish which Careem’s app offers.

You are required to sign in/sign up if you open the app for the first time.

A simple booking page shows up after completing the registration process. The app uses Google Maps for setting pickup and drop-off locations. Similar to the Careem app, the Daewoo app also offers a Now/Later option for booking a ride now or at a later date.

The fare however is much higher than Careem or Uber. A similar route (as seen in the image above) costs Rs. 230-250 on Careem Go and Rs. 150-200 on UberGo (Rs. 480 through Daewoo Cab). Granted the service offers business cars only but not everyone can afford to pay that much on every trip.

Swipe right from the main booking page and you can access payment options, editing your settings, ride history, contact info etc. The wallet option is particularly useful if you have used Careem. Daewoo has picked up on that and added it in their app.

You can also add an EasyPaisa account or credit/debit card for payment by tapping on “Add Payment Method”. This gives the app a slight advantage in terms of payment options versus its rivals which don’t offer EasyPaisa payment.

You can edit your settings in the Settings option. It is pretty basic though.


The Daewoo app does its job well in addition to being light weight and easy to use. The design could’ve been a bit better though.

Daewoo’s app looks like a simpler version of the Careem app with lesser animations and flat design. Its also much smaller in size (around 6 MB on Android) compared with Uber (around 120 MB) and Careem (30-35 MB). Pickup and dropoff can also be setup easily thanks to integration with Google Maps.

There is little to no learning curve for new users trying out the app which is a plus. Though there’s no harm in investing more in refining the app’s design.

It is nice to see more competition in the ride sharing service market. With more competition, customers tend to have more choices available.

The service will compete with the upper end of Careem’s services for now which makes its scope limited to mostly upper class customers. Daewoo is more of an established name in the transport services so it would be interesting to see what they offer in the future.

  • Download Daewoo App on Android
  • Download Daewoo App on iOS

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  • Quality services are expensive Mansoor Bhai, alternate Carreem and Uber already available.

  • I found propakisti publishes the wrong information mostly, may be such like these articles are paid by companies for thair advertising.

    Daewoo Cap is much expensive as
    Uner Rs 150 = Careem Rs 225 = Daewoo Rs750

    • According to My Experience, Daewoo Is Providing More Good Services As others, I Didn’t get the chance to use another cab service.

  • Android app’s location selector is a huge hassle and it doesn’t even seem to show available/arriving car on the map.

  • Sharing My Experience, Daewoo Is Providing More Good Services As others, I Didn’t get the chance to use another cab service.

  • 99% Pakistani’s opt for the cheapest ride hailing services. If their target is 1% (the elite class) then be aware that 99% of them own more than one car with paid drivers. Remaining are 0.1% half of which might also opt for Uber and Careem’s premium services due to easy app access and availability of cars in the area at a specified time. Daewoo should provide intercity taxi service and lower their ‘in the city’ taxi fares particularly much lower than Uber and Careem in order to compete and make a difference.

  • Isn’t Daewoo Purchased by India’s TATA Group?

    If true, you should know that TATA group is VERY ANTI PAKISTAN.

    • You mean to say ke Daewoo ke Taxi drivers RAW ke agents hon ge phir.
      Wah molana sahib, kia science mari hai ap ne

  • ride hailing market ( careem, uber and ARY Sahulat ,other car)

    cars should be branded with different brands. So it increase income of
    company as well car owners. It may help in making ride more economical.

  • been waiting 3 days now .. no sms received for the registration .. and there is no option to request to re-send it .. wtf am I suppose to do ?

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