We’re Interviewing Abdul Wahab and Here’s How You Can Join Us

If you’re a regular reader of ProPakistani, you must know Abdul Wahab. A serial commentator on almost all posts we do, he even has fake accounts cropping up in his name. While he was shortly banned not too long ago, he has risen from the ashes like a phoenix and is more popular than ever.

Now, you get the chance to ask questions from the man himself. We’re going to be conducting an interview with the man himself and if you want to ask or know anything, just comment on the post below with your queries.

We’ll put the questions to Wahab (as long as they’re reasonable of course) and include the answers in the interview.

We’ll populate this post with the questions we’ll be asking so you’ll know if yours made it to the final list.

Note: No hateful or biased comments will be entertained. 

  • Aqib Maqsood

    abhi tak reply kyn ni aya bhai ka =D

    • Glen Scott

      I think Jumma parh k abhi tak wapis nhi aya. Ya agar wapis ghar agya hai to bhai ka net nhi chal rha hoga.

    • ZAB

      I knew he’s an inborn celebrity. My question to Abdul Wahab is what if propak shuts down forever? What will he do then?
      (Interview must have his latest pictures and videos otherwise it will not be interesting for viewers).

      • YARaza


    • Fozia_Loves_Abdul_Wahab

      kese ho aqib. maen yasir usman ur friend. waiting eagerly for abdul wahab chusen maro.

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    What you do in the free time? ( saturday and Sunday I mean when ProPakistani doesn’t publish anything)

    • Umar

      Work on his urdu i think .

    • Glen Scott

      Purani postain parta hoga jisper comment na kr saka ho past mae :)

      • bamboo

        oo ley gya oh k##tiya

  • Leo

    Set a pre-condition for the interview, “Leave pro-pak alone” after the interview !!!

  • Bhai itni dair to Wahab bhai Propakistani ki post ka reply kerne me nahi lagate – jitni interview me laga rahe hain :D

  • Wadda Syana

    OMG! What happened to this era? Biopics are being made on Qandeel Bloch and here ProPakistani is going to Interview Abdul Wahab. #EndIsNear

    • UsmanAzam

      Mela loot lia aap k comment ne bhai

  • Umar

    Does he post all those comments intentionally or he is just representing character Abdul Wahab equally goes along with trademark avatar-pic of his? (which btw he isn’t changing)

  • Asif Khan PTI

    Hi Wahab, Brother you are one of the great persons here best at the comments. My Question is why your mostly comments are judgmental, declarative or biased. Why not experienced sharing or arguments based. Thanks Bro !

  • OH SHIT!

  • Shahid Amin

    Ma ne aj tak itna wela insaan nahi daikha !

    • Fozia_Loves_Abdul_Wahab

      nailed it.

      • shafiq

        Respect him and be optimistic,

  • Hassan Raza

    Abdul Wahab bhai ic post pe aap k comment ka shiddat sy intezar hai..

    • Umar

      Maybe he is holding off till the propak staff ask him all these question in the interview

  • Umar

    hey Wahab here’s a question 4 u.
    Altaf Bhai vs Imran Khan vs Bilawal bhutto (hybrid)?

  • UsmanAzam


    • Umar

      :D yeah…….

  • n khan

    why you comment on every post? what makes you post and why? most of the people are fed up of your irrelevant postings.

  • Abdul Wahab

    I have my reasons you fucks…stop the questions!!!!!!!

  • Salman Khan

    Bhai kese karlete ho ye sb?

  • MG

    jan k karty ho ya ho jata hai bas?

  • Masroor Hussain

    ahahhahahaha ye kya XD

  • South Ka Londa

    Seriously Banchoo… :-O

  • Maria Joe Sahotra

    Hence Proved G Bhar K Ch*tyapa Karo and People Will Notice You.

    #RIPProPakistani I thought you had some standard.

    • shafiq

      how pathetic you are

  • Armaghan

    Q: Sirf headline parh k comment q krtay ho? kabi article bhi par lia kro…

  • Anonymous

    Why you comment mostly and without thinking anything?

  • Zaheer Abbasi

    He Deserves to be honored.there is no competitor of him. is there?

  • Muhammad Yasir

    Are you human or are you an Alien disguised as a human and trying to study human interaction and behavior over digital media :D ?

  • usman raza

    mean while @disqus_GEHWT7uZwk:disqus to #ProPakistani https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1054ca4f0a0e0e6073c2e718b5630ac7621d31ee80b6e0ca69b02b239499f5e9.jpg

    kiu mjhe zaleel kraaana chah re ho. :P

  • Abdul Shahab Comment wala

    Wow thats so awesome, I have heard that you have been offered a “Propakistani associate role” for marketing propakistani so how will take up this role?

  • YARaza

    Propak k pas aor koi tareeqa nhi tha Abdul Wahab k sab account trace krny ka , ab k baad apko Abdul Wahab name k kisi aor admi ka comment b is forum pay nazar nhi ay ga

  • IrfanAmir

    And he did not comment here.. :p

  • Muhammad Haris

    Question: How do you feel to have an interview by #ProPakistani ?

    He missed to reply on this interview post?. He should had replied on this post as well.

  • M Jahangeer Iqbal.

    Why you post irreverent comments @Abdul Wahab on every post

  • AD

    @Abdul Wahab , bro it is sort of trap to catch you please don’t get into it :P
    jaisey tumko ino tang karte ho na aisey yeh tumhara number kisi larki k naam se olx per daal denge :P

    Make up karwa k Saaree pehna k Q mobile mil raha hai tumko woh bhi feature phone lol

    • Wahab

      Haha tumko tou Q MObile ka replica milna chahiye

  • AAA

    Q: Wahab bhai, what are your future plans?? Any other forums you plan to target on?

  • AAA

    Q: What if you are made Prime Minister of Pakistan; any to do list?? BTW it shouldn’t be astonishing as U.S already has one like you.

  • Hassan Raza

    The only post with comments without Abdul Wahab comment..

    • Asif Ali

      Bro kia baat hai

  • Hafiz Abdul Basit BJ

    @AbdulWAHABAlam:disqus yr itni energy kaha se laate ho, I mean itna sarcasm logo ki itnay comments hazam krna :P
    It is actually a pretty damn difficult task.
    and kabhi disheart nhe hue :P

  • Asif Ali

    Bro kia waja hai k apki itni trolling k bad b ap ne comments karna nhi choray or kisi ko koi hard reply b nhi kia chahiye us ne jo kuch marzi kaha ho ?

    • ZAB

      His answer will probably be ” i don’t give a s*it to anyone”

  • Owaiis

    Abdul Bhaye Famous Ho Gaye Ap. Mubarakaan.

  • Owaiis

    Question For Abdul Wahab Bhaye – What do you think about the IT sector in Pakistan and its future ? Do you think our low Internet Penetration is hindering our IT sector from booming ?

    • Adnan

      LOL…do you really think he has an answer to your question :)

      • Owaiis

        No. But I’m curious to what he’s gonna say :D

  • Abdullah Safdar

    Who is he?? Why is he become so famous?

    • ZAB

      He’s social media celebrity. His fans are more than of Tahir Shah and Shaikh Rasheed.

  • Jawwad

    Q: Yaar khattey kiya hoa subha subha: Itni Himmat kahan se laey ho larkey..??
    Q: Aap bari umer ki aurton ke sath tou nahin bethtey..??
    Q: What do you think; when you see an article discussin social problems here at pakistan…?? I did see all of the your comments and replied continuously on those kind of articles..??

  • Faheem Ahmed

    haha! ma bi tou karta hu!!

  • Rafay

    And I guess this is THE ONE article on which Abdul Wahab has not commented yet…anyhow, way to go bro…

    • Glen Scott

      I think Jumma parh k abhi tak wapis nhi aya.

  • ask
  • Danish

    how can he be always online to comment?

  • Glen Scott

    Mera aik question hai Abdul Wahab say.
    Question: Yar ye btayo k tum itnay welay kesay hoty ho jo har post per comment krtay ho ?

  • Glen Scott

    I have to ask from Abdul Wahab
    What’s your age?

  • Hodor

    I have seen him ignoring hateful comments or seeing the funny side of it. I would like to how How he manages to take all those negative trolls so bravely and how he manages to remain positive all the time?

  • Muhammad Zain

    ap ko comment krna itna pasand q hy?

  • Glen Scott

    Abdul Wahab are you married ?

  • Q. Why do you ask so many questions?

  • Hasnu

    Q. Tell us about your academic qualifications?
    Q. What inspires you to read and post on ProPakistani?
    Q. What are your hobbies and what do you do for a living? Are you a student?
    Q. Do you think that ProPakistani articles are going to make a change in Pakistan? Where do you see your comments in this regard, I mean do you see your commenting make a difference?
    Q. No doubt you are quite Popular in a wide reader’s network (ProPakistani), how does it feel?
    Q. Have you ever thought of writing an article for ProPakistani? If yes what topic you would have chosen?
    Q. What interests you more, Technology or Politics?
    Q. Please tell us about your prospective about Pakistan? Do you see you have a better future here or you will become a part of brain drain?
    Q. If you are ever considered as the Prime Minister or President of Pakistan, what three steps would you take first?

  • Fozia_Loves_Abdul_Wahab

    apna he bnda hae wahab sb propakistani ka. paid commenter. Question to him is how much propakistani pay you? Wahab bhai is article mein apki chussen nazar nhe aa rahe abhe tak. kdhar gum ho?

  • Shahzad Ahmad

    jiske baary main baat ho rai wohi nazar nae araha :D

  • Hello Friends And Fans
    This Is Abdul WAHAB
    I’ll Be Live & Giving U Halioiurs Answer of Ur Questions (Which Is Approved By ProPk) Stay Tune To ProPk

    • Zohaib

      Is this comment written by ProPk ? :D

  • There are rumors that you have been planted by the adversaries to destroy ProPaki. What do you have to say about this?

    • ZAB

      Propak viewership has been increased manyfold coz of Abdul Wahab, so he’s actually promoted propak.

  • Abdul WAHAB

    Thank you! ProPakistani. I am so happy.

    • curly Jones

      What do you think of “10 nullifiers of Islam” ?

  • Arslan Nazeer

    What work he do for living.

  • Internet konsa use karty han aap? article baad main ata hai aur apka comment phle LOL!

  • M. Ashraf

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, (May Allah’s Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you).
    Hope your goodself and your family is fine by the help of our Allah Most High.
    If we Pakistani are loving our country and In Sha Allah we are going to celebrate 14th August In 2017 so why we are not just implement 1 think to put the garbage to proper dust bin container which is available on street. If it is not possible for someone kindly do not clean your home/flat/shop & etc. just for 1 month and see what would be happen. Can your goodself will live in this condition after 1 month.

  • ProPakistani

    @ProPakistani: Please don’t make foolish people famous.

  • Umer Asad
  • Umer Asad
  • Umer Asad
  • Hamza-sama

    Ironic, they never updated this post.