We’re Interviewing Abdul Wahab and Here’s How You Can Join Us

If you’re a regular reader of ProPakistani, you must know Abdul Wahab. A serial commentator on almost all posts we do, he even has fake accounts cropping up in his name. While he was shortly banned not too long ago, he has risen from the ashes like a phoenix and is more popular than ever.

Now, you get the chance to ask questions from the man himself. We’re going to be conducting an interview with the man himself and if you want to ask or know anything, just comment on the post below with your queries.

We’ll put the questions to Wahab (as long as they’re reasonable of course) and include the answers in the interview.

We’ll populate this post with the questions we’ll be asking so you’ll know if yours made it to the final list.

Note: No hateful or biased comments will be entertained.