Samsung’s S8 Sales Surpass 20 Million

Samsung recently managed to jump past Intel as the world’s largest chip maker, though, at the time we talked little about the impact of its presence in the smartphone industry on the semiconductor business.

One of the primary reasons why the company finally managed to win the battle against Intel in terms of revenue was its latest flagship, the Galaxy S8.

According to Strategy Analytics, the phone has already seen shipments of 20 million units, which were achieved last month.

More Than 250,000 Sold Every Day

While shipments don’t necessarily equate to similar achievements in terms of actual sales, they do translate to very impressive 278,000 phones shipped per day.

Samsung hasn’t revealed the number of Galaxy S8 smartphones it has sold over this period, but did reveal an increase in sales of around 15 percent, compared to its impressive S7 predecessor, managing to double its sales in some markets over the past year.


The news came after a series of rumours indicated somewhat lackluster sales for the phone, which is almost never true. Due to the higher prices of the flagship, the company also saw a higher average selling price in the last period, which stood at $235, the highest it has been since 2013.

Overall, it managed to sell 79 million smartphones in the second quarter of 2017, which helped it retain its title of world’s leading manufacturer by a good margin of 38 million phones against a pretty stable Apple and a resurgent Huawei.

The Galaxy S8 has provided a very impressive boost in sales for Samsung, which is gearing towards the launch of its second major flagship of the year in the form of Note 8. With anticipation rising every day, the S8 has provided a much needed stable hand in the time leading to the launch on August 23rd.