Customs Seize 700 Mobiles from WHO Cartons at Airport

Custom officials, during a raid at the Benazir Bhutto Airport, recovered up to 700 cellular phones from cartons. They took the phones as well as the culprits into custody. An investigation was also started for the same to ascertain the facts behind the case.

According to available details, these up to date phones (numbering 700 units) were recovered from from 19 cartons which were marked as vaccines from the World Health Organization (WHO). The cartons in question were destined for Quetta before they were seized by customs officials. Upon further inquiry, it was found that the cartons were being sent to Quetta by workers of a company named EPI.

A company representative from EPI soon after established contact with the customs officials, urging them to release the seized consignment. According to the EPI representative, he  told customs officials that these Mobile Phones have been gifted by the international organization for use. However, the customs authorities have demanded their record from the company. They are, for the time being, treating it as a case of smuggling until investigations conclude and the matter is cleared up between all parties.

    • Is there any legal way to import these phones? NO
      Has customs formalized any way to legally import these phones in Pakistan? NO
      Still you find these phones in Pakistani markets ? Yes

      • Yes U Can Import Phone on huge Quantity (While you are registered in FBR & You have Contract between Manufacture & U) like Samung, Huwaie, Vio, Apple Ye Sub Ata hai to Baki Used Phone Bhi A Skate hai (Customs have Tariff about Mobile Phone)

        • I had a chance to read and see that as per customs register for imports you can not import any electronic product if declared as “used”.

          • Mobile Importer 30% New & 70% Used Magwate hai : Front Packing New Hoti Hai & Custom Examin Nahi Karta : Jiski Duty Pay Ho Rahi ho :
            Ha Ellegal Hai Usedi Mobile :

  • If that were gifts then why did they write vaccine on the cartons. Relevant authorities must ban these companies

  • How can a package marked as vaccines carry gifted phones? The matter should be inquired well, fine and phone siege should be done.

  • Ever wondered how those US kit phones are brought into the country? Not all of them are officially imported.
    Here’s your answer.

  • ‘He told customs officials that these mobile phones have been gifted by the international organization for use.’

    This statement made my day xD If they were going to gift you then atleast the sets would have been same. You can spot a lot of different smartphones as well as feature phones in there lol :D

    Cant even lie properly.

      • And you have a condescending tone for what reason? Did somebody hurt your feelings?

        I merely pointed out the fact that with an operation this big, they need a good ‘lie department’ to handle scenarios like these because it is a high risk that this can happen anytime.

        But no, ‘itna assaaan ni hota beta ap bnjao spokesperson’. Weird mentality.

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