Goto Brings Pakistani Shops Online with its New Initiative

No more closed shops in Pakistan, thanks to

Have you ever walked to a shop only to find out that it’s closed for business? Have you developed a certain level of trust with your local shop owner and you hesitate to buy from others? Wouldn’t it be great if you can buy the product you need from your preferred shopkeeper without leaving the comfort of your home? This may sound difficult to some and impossible for others, but Goto has made it possible with its new “Closed Here! But Still Open at” initiative.

With this initiative, Goto aims to build strong online presence of local vendors and shopkeepers who otherwise would not be able to reach customers throughout Pakistan. This initiative will not only enable Pakistani shopkeepers to reach customers across the country, but it will also provide customers a variety of options to choose from – under one roof – that would best suit their needs and budget.

By effectively removing the time and location constraints, Goto is all set to disrupt the e-commerce industry of Pakistan. Goto aims to bring local shopkeepers on the digital map of the country, so that they don’t feel limited by their store hours or location. The main objective of this initiative is to convey the message that even if a shop is closed for business, it is “always” open at

A shopkeeper of Bahadurabad explained the benefits of setting up his online presence with Goto. He said “initially, we were a bit reluctant to the idea of going online. I mean, we already have a well-established business, so there was no apparent need of going online. However, team Goto not only explained us the benefits of going online but also offered us great support throughout the sign-up process.”

“Since there were no risks involved, we opted to go online. To our surprise, this move turned out to be very profitable for us. We are now getting orders from all over the country. I would advise every vendor/shopkeeper to be a part of this great initiative, should they need to increase their overall profitability,” the shopkeeper added.

According to the Sr. Marketing Manager of Goto, Shamail Wasi, “this initiative is a part of our larger strategy to revolutionize the e-commerce industry of Pakistan.” He explained that “we strive to gain (in a way rebuild) customers’ trust by offering them 100% genuine products.”

Clearly, there is a wide trust-gap between e-commerce companies and customers in Pakistan, a gap that Goto wishes to bridge with its promise to provide 100% original products at customers’ doorstep. Goto has built a mechanism to ensure that customers will receive what they see and order online. With the easy return policy, Goto has enabled its customers to return the products they are not completely satisfied with. is one of the top online marketplaces in Pakistan offering a wide variety of products across various categories including women’s fashion, home and living, mobile phones and more.

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  • Recently we bought some stuff from goto online store. they delivered it. but after having a complaint they exchanged it free of cost as well.
    I must say, That there are many online stores but goto is on of the best.
    I didn’t tried any other.

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