Google’s Play Protect is an All in One Security Hub for Android

In the face of growing threats to its Android ecosystem, Google has introduced a new service which has effectively placed all the security features offered by the company in one place.

Called Play Protect, the new system uses machine learning to continuously monitor all the apps you’ve installed on your Google device. If it detects any suspicious activity, it notifies you and asks permission for offloading it.

According to Google, every app developer faces a close scrutiny before their apps are posted. The method is not completely safe, as every once in a while a major malware network is detected, necessitating the need for a closer, on-the-phone solution.

Subpar Protection Measures of Old

Android did have malware protection before, but it was seldom used. Since 2014 it has also supported continuous protection, which warns you every time an app tries to install malware. The user was hardly given control over it, though, and at times the apps bypassed this as well.

Play Protect will show you your recently scanned apps, system status and the option to turn off protection entirely.

As mentioned earlier, other features such as Find My Device, which features calling and remote locking, also fall under the Play Protect umbrella.

AVG/Avast Won’t Be Needed

The app will probably negate the need for third-party apps like AVG and Avast Mobile Security, which are often the first apps users go for. It joins Chrome’s Safe Browsing, which now warns you with a red screen on mobile, like it did on the web.

Announced first at the I/O 2017, the app reportedly scans over 50 billion apps a day.

Play Protect will be rolled out to devices worldwide in the coming few days, in a similar fashion to Play Games and Verify Apps. You can manually check for it under Play Store’s “Apps & Games” option to see if it is available.

  • What will be the effects on Performance and Battery life? as it said it scans each app, ideally whenever app started.

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