Telenor Pakistan has Decorated its Entire Headquarter with Mammoth National Flag

14th August is just around the corner and the spirit of independence is at its peak. Street corners, shops and stalls are packed with flags, pins and what not to showcase our love for Pakistan.

In this endeavor, companies aren’t far behind. From adorned offices to special songs being crafted for the occasion, everyone is bleeding green these days. We’ve seen Azaadi shopping campaigns, discounts and special deals to celebrate Independence Day this year.

Telenor, however, has gone one step ahead. Matching the grandiosity of the event with a grand show of itself, the company has decided to cover its entire office building in F-11 Markaz in a giant Pakistani flag.

Military band was also present at the campus to play the national anthem at the time of flag hoisting. Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO of Telenor Pakistan, lead the ceremony.

Take a look at pictures of the giant flag on the Telenor offices below:

  • Yeah, kind of getting bored with this. Why not sell our land to China. It will save us from shenanigans of NS and IK.

  • Very beautiful, very amazing, very wonderful, very awesome and very lovely decoration of Independence Day Celebrations.

  • Telenor Pakistan terminated my 12 years old permanent job with in one hour, unethically & illegally without any notice just because i reported some wrong activities of some high officials of Telenor within company after getting encouragement of Compliance Department. Even after getting confirmation that my complaints should not convert any job threat for me! You can imagine the ethical standard of Telenor Pakistan! No allegation on me including any kind of complaint, performance & behavior issue. They didn’t follow employment contract. Which is totally illegal. They harassed me, threaten me and treat me like hostage for almost one hour as they were not allowing me to call my family, from my own mobile phone for suggestion during termination meeting. I reported to Telenor Pakistan CEO & Telenor Group CEO about this criminal offence and illegal and unethical act because its also against the Telenor policies and code of conduct. I am sharing because of sudden termination of mobile phone & e-mail address etc,
    From last two months i am waiting for justice!
    Now i decided to file my case in court of law!
    I need some expert lawyers & suggestions to get justice!
    Can i get justice ?????????????

    • Seems difficult, it is the real and dark side of corporate culture. Going to court will cost you time and money and after session court, they will appeal in the next upper, then next upper till they reach Supreme court. The process can take 10 to 20 years. You should search for another job/occupation and if you have resigned and are not fired ; do not tell your next employer the reason. Just tell them you had some issues with family or work. If you are fired, do not tell them that you complained about your senior officials, give them other excuse. My sympathies are with you and hope you succeed in future.

      • if i didn’t resist on this illegal, illogical and unethical act, they will do the same with another person tomorrow, and it will continue till my children! i know it will take a lot of money and 20 years, but i want to struggle for my children and for your children! i think its my social responsibility to ”Speak Up”
        you will stand with me?

        • Man this corporate culture is also common in developed countries. But since justice in those countries is quick one can get his job back or at least some compensation. But not many people go that way because legal system is extremely expensive and lawyers charge heck a lot of fee. They just get another job.

            • I can only sympathize with you and cannot give you false high hopes. If you have the cash, time, mental and physical energy for a legal battle of more than two decades, you can surely try. On the other hand, everything is not fair in life, a lot of people are disadvantaged. You have to feed your family, live your life and focus on you children, get another job and move on. Let it go…better opportunities are waiting for you. You deserve better than Telenor

              • I agree on your true feedback. I know it take too much time and money. If I didn’t stand on this…i am sure it will repeat with my children, with your children. So I think I have to decided some tough.

    • I don’t say what you’re claiming is totally wrong but where there is smoke there is fire. Telenor is known to be a good employer and that’s the impression we get from all current and ex employees. Of course they have a reason to say that. Besides if you really think you’re wronged you should take this in appropriately forums instead of venting it out everywhere. This could impact your chances with other potential employers.

      • yes i admit that these are not Telenor guidelines to do so in black and white….i think these are some corrupts mafia in Telenor Pakistan who are trying to damage company, i feed my family after serving 12 years. i always follow its values as i teach these values to employees and vendors employees. That’s why i decided to go in court of law. from last two months i was communicating with Telenor management regularly, but i think mafia is more powerful than Telenor values! its my right to know the termination reason! its my right to get benefits as per my appointment contract with company. it was my right to get honorable skip instead of degrading, harassment & unethical way!

    • You are Just an Employee & Telenor is working as a Group :
      Without any reason no one terminate any one :
      Apki Salary Se telenor ko na faida tha na nuqsaan us se zaida wo per minute earn karti hai.
      Apply another job & umeed pe duniya qaim hai :

      • Yes i was 12 years old permanent employee of Telenor! i think you didn’t read my post!
        i complained with in telenor against some high designation employees, on encouragement of Telenor Compliance department! Even i communicated with concerns that my complaints should not become any job threat for me. Yes i know the profitability of Telenor as i spend my 12 golden years here from Karachi to Sialkot!

    • First and foremost.
      Do not be afraid if you are right, the whole world can be on their side
      — you need only Allah on yours.
      However, If you are just cooking up all this,
      just for personal reasons (whatever they maybe), then forget everything,
      ask Allah for forgiveness and also Telenor, who have taken care of you and your family for over a decade, and be quiet and look for another job, and never make this kind of mistake
      Assuming you are in fact honest and what you are saying is correct, you should approach Telenor Norway directly, and ask them if this is the way Telenor as a Norwegian first-world company treats loyal and honest employees who are putting their careers at risk for the betterment of the company.
      Really good companies put their company reputation and well-being above individual staff — and no staff no matter how senior in the organisation, including the CEO himself (who is as much an employee of the company as is the janitor, or sweeper, just with different responsibilities, which make him neither “superior” nor “inferior” — each job is important in its own right, even though the risk to bottom-line is different for each position).
      You should try and send an email or courier to:
      Grethe Viksaas , who is in the Telenor Board incharge of Risk and Audit. Mark it private & Confidential and give every detail and identify people by name, and incidents with times and places, including those in your own Compliance Department, who encouraged you to do “whistle blowing”.
      If you are right, and in all honestly and with integrity you have been victimized, then Good luck mate, and I will pray for you!
      Good people are difficult to find — if Telenor Group REALLY cares for itself, it should pick you up from here, and take you to Norway, and reward you for your bravery against all odds, to put the company’s well being and interest above your own personal and career safety.
      Time will tell what happens, but ask your mother and father to pray for you.

      • BTW you can also write to these Board members of Telenor Group in Norwayl, in addition to Grethe Viksaas.

        Jon Erik Reinhardsen (Risk and Audit (Chair), People and Governance) and also
        Harald Stavn (Risk and Audit, People and Governance)

        • i reported to these all that TP management & HR top management did with me this all illegal and unethical, today i received group compliance e-mail that group management will not reply my e-mail and i need to contact local HR people in Telenor Pakistan. Its amazing that the same will give me justice against them i am complaining!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • almost two years back, I high lighted some wrong happening in sales, which lead to financial loss to company as well as damaging to brand image and supportive to terrorism in Pakistan. At that time I was the best performing employee of region. in the same year management pushed me in below expectation category in yearly appraisal. I challenged with in Telenor, and fight case 5 months, in short I won this case and my rating shifted to meet category with compliance department decision, after this Telenor transferred me from my department, from city, from region forcefully in punishment. I accepted as a company decision, then company decreased my salary almost Rs.13000 per month without any reason. I did follow up continuously with in Telenor for justice. Now before one month of my termination I forwarded again my complaint to Grievance department with clear confirmation that it should not become any kind of job threat for me. My complaint was pending on table of chief human Resource officer when they terminated me. Assistant manager Grievance told me that she was shocked to get my termination alert as who terminated me when my complaint is pending at CHRO end! it was my fault as I was thinking that Norwegian are ethically strong.

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