Breaking: Rashid Khan Appointed as CEO of Ufone

In a sudden move today, Rashid Khan has been announced as the CEO of Ufone, we have confirmed with sources.

According to details available with ProPakistani, Rashid Khan — former CEO of Mobilink (now Jazz) — will be assuming his office as CEO of Ufone starting immediately.

Rashid Khan will replace Mr. Rainer Rathgeber, a German national, who remained the CEO of Ufone for just 18 months.

During his brief time at the company, Ufone managed to sustain the competition despite almost no new investments made by the Etisalat group; at a time when competition invested hundreds of millions of dollars in network and new spectrum.

Rainer, and his team, were able to make the company cash positive, mainly due Super Card customers that make up major part of company’s inflows.

During Rainer’s tenure, the future of Ufone’s remained uncertain due to anticipated merger between PTCL and Ufone. In fact Rainer’s appointment was seen by some as final step towards materialization of the said merger.

Now Rainer is departing the company while leaving the same uncertainty to prevail during days to come.

It is yet unclear if Rainer Rathgeber will go back to Etisalat — from where he had come in to head Ufone — or if he will leave the group.

About Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan is a veteran of the telecommunication industry and has held several management positions within the cellular business arena in the emerging markets for the past 20 years.

Rashid Khan is best known for his tenure at Mobilink (now Jazz) where he remained the CEO and President of the company for six years from July 2008 till August 2014.

Previously he had been working with Bangalink where he led the business as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Prior to that, for almost 15 years, he worked in Silicon Valley for various international companies where he acquired extensive working experience in the technology sector and was awarded patents for his inventions.


Ufone has issued following statement on the development:

Ufone appoints Rashid Khan as acting CEO

Islamabad, August 13, 2017: The Board of Directors at Ufone, an Etisalat Group Company, announced the appointment of Mr. Rashid Khan as acting CEO of Ufone effective August 15, 2017.

Rashid Khan will replace Mr. Rainer Rathgeber who served as CEO Ufone for last one and half years and has decided to join his family in Europe.

Rainer joined Ufone as CEO in March 2016 and has since then managed a significant turnaround for the company.

Commenting on his time at Ufone Rainer stated, “The time with Ufone has been one of the most exciting phases of my business life, thanks to everyone involved. But: It is time to normalize my family life.”

The incoming CEO, Rashid Khan shared, “I am very excited to take this role and look forward to lead this exceptional organization, dedicated and talented professionals to take the business forward.”

Rashid Khan has vast experience in the telecoms arena in Pakistan including 6 years as CEO and Board member of Mobilink (now Jazz).

“I would like to thank Rainer for his contributions to Ufone during his tenure and wish him all the best for his future.” said Abdulrahim Nooryani, Chairman of the Ufone Board while ‘welcoming Rashid Khan to Ufone’.

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  • Hassan

    Final nail in Ufone’s coffin!!

    • Awais

      How come??

  • KaKa

    Ufone just landed in trouble!

  • 4G Ye Bhi Nahi La Sakte :

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    Has he come up with an end of Ufone Plan?

    • Askarian

      He will. Soon.

    • Kaleem

      Any chances of merger?

  • Ahmed

    Very bad decision. In his leadership maybelink was in noise diving declined. InsaAllah ufone will have same progress which is already on same declining path.

  • Haroon Javed Qureshi

    Rashid Khan is a stable player and leader…

    • ahmed

      He is no vision and made maybelink in noise diving decline.

  • Patriot

    Rainer was a great professional, and as the article mentioned, he brought stability to UFone without any further investments, which is definitely good news for Etisalat.
    Why this sudden decision was taken is very strange indeed, and we should wait to see what unfolds?

  • Umar Awan

    Lo g ab ufone ko mazeed tabahi ki taraf jane se koi nhn rok sakta . Girti deewar ko ek dhakka aur do .

  • Askarian

    Rashid will most probably be a gatekeeper for the company and keep things going in maintenance mode as they are. There won’t be any new acquisitions or anything big (4G) that may come out but ufone will keep going as it is. His tenure at Mobilink was nothing extraordinary which shows his potential. Ufone isn’t going anywhere it’ll keep dragging on like a niche player.

  • Insider

    @AamirAtta there are news in the air that Wateen and PTCL are merging soon.

  • Mian Wattu

    Probably same Rashid Khan, right hand man of IK as a reward for service utilized for money laundering. If it is so this is another UAE/ Etisalat achievement by interfaing in internal affairs of Pakistan on behalf of USA.

    • Inquiring

      Please tell us details — this is new story?

    • Askarian

      Lol. Mian Saab You need to go on a vacation or something to calm yourself down.

      • Mian Wattu

        I am sorry dears you are right . that was another Rashid Khan a close associate of IK and a telecom professional who is rewarded by including
        him in board of directors of every semi-official organisation of KPK including Bank of Khyber. That is why I used word probably. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you peoples as this Rashid Khan has been subjected to scrutiny by judiciary besides media for his misleading statements which might have negative impact on the political career Imran Khan soon.

    • Jahangir Amin

      I think the guy you are referring is Arshad Khan not Rashid Khan

  • Tango S

    He would look so cool without any hair on his head, but it seems he wont let it go :)

  • Huzayfa

    Ufone has found it very difficult to retain employees in recent years due to the pathetic work culture prevailing there. Now even the CEO has resigned.

  • Arsalan Shah

    OMG. I dunno why but I couldn’t stop staring at his head and that hairstyle. xD

  • its Banglalink , not BangaLink.

  • Hamza Subhan

    Yeah Konsa Teer Maar Lengay Inkay Atay Hi Masjido Kay Bahar Sims Free Mein Mil Rahi Thi Hala Kay 200 Rs Say Kaam Mein SIM Sale Nahi Karsaktay As Per PTA