Careem is Giving Away iPhone 7 in Faisalabad, Multan and Other Cities

Have you been getting those texts from Careem announcing a new offer or discount code but only for Lahore, Karachi, or Islamabad and felt envy for the people of those cities? Because we have felt the same.

Why should they get to enjoy all the offers? This isn’t fair, right?

Well, guess what? Careem heard us and this time they have announced an amazing offer solely for following cites:

  • Multan,
  • Faisalabad,
  • Gujranwala,
  • Sialkot,
  • Peshawar,
  • Abbottabad,
  • Hyderabad

And yes, the people of the three big cities won’t be able to avail this offer.

How to Win iPhone 7

For the next four days ( from 13th to 16th August) 50% of the Careem cars in the above mentioned seven cities will have props in them.

People have to make their videos wearing those props and upload them on their Facebook using the hashtag #YourCityGoesGreen, for instance, #FaisalabadGoesGreen.

And since it’s the Independence Day celebrations, each video should have a national song as the background music. After following all these steps, you have to make sure your video gets the maximum number of shares till 16th August, ask your friends for help, ask your friends’ friends, hell, even ask your phupho. If your video gets shared the maximum number of times, you’ll win an iPhone 7.

Yes, you read that right. Careem is giving away seven iPhone 7s this Independence Day, one for a lucky individual from each city. How exciting is it! Finally, there’s another way of getting an iPhone 7 besides selling your kidney.

So get ready for one exciting journey with Careem, polish your video direction skills and ask your younger sibling to pray for your success. After all, they will be getting your current phone once you get a brand new iPhone 7.

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