No Protocol for VIPs and Government Officials on Airports: Interior Ministry

The Interior Ministry of Pakistan has issued a notice to all zones of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) directing them to provide no protocol for VIPs and government officials at airports across Pakistan. Anyone found providing any protocol to VIPs will be dealt with severe action, said the ministry.

Immigration counters at all airports will be monitored and any immigration staff found violating the order will be suspended along with the shift incharge with immediate effect.

The passengers leaving the country are not to be harassed by the FIA, reads the statement. The ministry will ensure that the airport staff complies with the instructions.

KPK government has been setting the standards in this regard as their ministers and even the Chief Minister of the province are often accompanied by a small security squad. More often than not, they have been seen in public without any protocol, something the government has managed to change in recent years.

Recently, the Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal was seen travelling on a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Islamabad to Lahore without any protocol.

FIA had also dismissed an official on account of mishandling two Norwegian nationals at Islamabad Airport.

Via Tribune

Feature Writer

  • all Roads are block 30 min before when Minister, PM & President Etc have a flight or go any where

  • LOL :D give them on Dog as a protocol officer :D they deserve a dog officer as a protocol at least if they misbehave dog will start shouting on him :D

  • Sir, with respect, even in US, protocol is there. Lets not pretend that we are living in a heavenly ideal world. I will ask a simple question. How will airport management deny protocol to DG FIA?
    Protocol is a reality. Those who receive it, consider it their right by birth. It is impossible to change the status quo. We, the nation, are not monitoring airports anyway. So there is no way to ascertain implementation of your orders no matter how sincere and ambitious are they.
    If you are really trying to bring change, please order airport authorities to give protocol to the tax paying citizens of Pakistan or at least the elderly. We cant stop protocol. Instead, we can and should change its recipients :)

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