This New Pakistani Animated Movie’s Teaser Has Got Everyone Talking

The first teaser trailer of the Pakistani animated movie “Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor” was released on Sunday and it has everyone excited!

Before we go on, you can check out the trailer of the animated movie here:

There is no news regarding when the movie will be released. However judging from its trailer, it certainly seems to bring a lot of charm with its eclectic cast of characters. The movie makers hope that it will be one that the audience will thoroughly enjoy.


The movie is produced by the 3rd World Studios, headed by Uzair Zaheer Khan.

In his interview with the media, Uzair Zaheed said that the story is about a young boy who can converse with animals. The story aims to reinvigorate the audience’s lost connection to mother nature. The ‘Markhor’ in the movie’s title refers to Pakistan’s national animal, which are mostly found in the Northern Areas especially in the Chitral, Ghizar and Hunza regions.

Anticipation for The Movie

The trailer begins with a bird flying across a mesmerizing scene: among the mountains and across the beautiful ocean. And with the right instrumental sound track, it manages to make the viewer really feel the beauty and peace that the world has to offer.

The picture quality and animation of the movie seems more than satisfactory and the people can’t wait for the movie to come out.

Lead and Villain Roles

The singer and songwriter, Ali Noor will be playing the villain in the movie. Natasha Humera Ejaz who would be working on the sound track of the film, will also play a lead role in the film.

Pakistani Cinema is growing rapidly as evidenced by the different genres of movies being made. Animated movies is one of the fronts that hasn’t been fully explored. We can’t wait for the movie to come out and it seems like one that both the children and their parents will enjoy.

“it is going to change a lot of lives,” said Ali Noor in his vlog.

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  • Plz highlight to the creators of this movie that in Title displayed. the name of boy Allahyar is written and above that all boys and animals are standing in mountain…………… move the Title above the feet. and it mentioned “Allah” in name of boy

  • height of non-sense & ignorance.

    Word Allah is Written Below their Feet.

    This way we are taught to dis-respect :(

  • This is great. Waiting anxiously for this and this movie should be seen in cinema to support our film industry.

  • Ab ye hui na baat. 3 Bahadur ka to wohi typical Dettol warriors, Knorr Noodles or Milkateers wala style tha.
    Ye kuch naya lag raha hai. Mujhe to abhi se intezar ho raha hai.

    • much better than 3 bahadur we have talent but not resources and audience which spend their money to support pakistani cinema

  • good thing but animation and jokes make it useless!! the stories should be grimmer and more like

    ::legend of korra::thundercats 2011::

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