Fat Burger is Shamed Publicly for Not Paying their Developers

Fat Burger Pakistan, an American fast food chain with presence in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, is currently being shamed by its developer for allegedly not paying the dues.

Instead of waiting any further, developers have downed the website with a note that reads, “FATBURGER DOES NOT RESPECT THE WORK WE DO. WAITING FOR PAYMENT – ALMOST 2 YEARS”.

We reached out to FatBurger Pakistan to know their side of the story and they said that they don’t have any issues with the developers.

This is not the first time that developers, hosting companies have downed a website for non-payment.

With no legal binding, this is actually very usual in Pakistan that companies don’t pay their vendors or at the very least delay their payments, by months if not years.

This frustration, at times, reaches a level when software houses, agencies or vendors decide to publicly shame their clients, without thinking of the consequences.

It appears one such instance happened today and FatBurger — an otherwise reputable brand — was disgraced by their developers for not paying their hard earned dues.


FatBurger Pakistan has apparently taken the control of their website but their data isn’t online as of yet. Right now, we assume, they are updating their website with back-ups.

This actually means that they have decided not to pay developers for ever.

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  • It is shame but we have to accept that this kind of stuff is very common in Pakistan. Clients here pay for peanuts and expect too much from their developers and designers.

  • In my Opinion The issue is that most Pakistani businesses and usually the lesser educated businessmen running them (mostly, not all !!!) are used to getting pirated software since the days of windows 95. Also corporate law isn’t much developed. Most Lawyers, and other judicial tools are also unaware of the details of software. and since this is a grey area for most, the businesses tend to do such practices to avoid paying any amount. also the businesses think of software developers and software companies as week opponents (since “might is right” is what they mostly do business as) and so they think that they cant be touched by these lone developers or small companies. so this is what happens… i believe if the system can’t change or is too slow to change… then to avoid such disputes, the software developers need to make arrangements in a way that they ensure that the business understands that the service will not be provided if payments aren’t made on time…. software is not tangible which these businesses don’t understand. so it should be sold to them as a service with fixed and strict payment times….
    i feel sorry for these poor software developers who waited 2 years…

      • it can be sold depend who registered it , if developers have registered it and have keep it under their account , they can sell it , i have seen such cases , mostly it occurred among business partners when clashes occur in them

      • no need to be over smart , am developer , you are not if you was developer you would have not commented over it … i have seen such multiple cases earlier , where domain is registered by 3rd party it some point clashes raise and they keep domain not returning it or demanding money for it …

  • We call it Website not Web site. And there is a possibility that the backup they are restoring from has some sort of backdoor already planted by the developers. It wont take much time to put it down again. Its better to meet with developers and sort something rather than using someone else code illegally. But We don’t know the stories from both sides and may be developers are at fault.

    For Developers: If you are doing business in Pakistan never ever start a project without a good amount of advance payment unless you trust the company. If its a big company always sign an agreement and mention the project deadlines, scope and payment terms clearly in it.

    • FatBurger is a famous brand and they (devs) never thought they they (FB) would do something like that with them.
      Cost of backup restoration (which may have backdoor) is higher than the the cost of devs (who did the work).

  • Pakistan main business owners ko Website chaheay hoti hai Lakh wali aur paisay un k mind main hotay hain 5-10k Woh bhi domain hosting samait. Jab batao to boltay hain k hamaray pass to sms aaya tha k 5000 main website domain hosting samait banwain.
    Aisay log phir rultay he rehtay hain.

  • sue them in consumer court or take it to high court, a precedent must be set in these situations, or better yet talk to fat burger america to whom they are paying royalties.

    • Pakistan ma insaf hasil karny ager itna asan hota to koi jurm karny sa pahly lakh bar sochta….

  • That is why you should prepare and sign the contracts to get rid of all
    these type of issues! This is what we Pakistanis ignore mostly and end
    up with bad situation like these.

  • Developers should go to employee’s court for their salary or any contractual money.
    Law for everything is available in our country.

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