Google Releases Web Version of Allo For Android Users

Google Allo is getting a web version a la WhatsApp Web. Allo is Google’s take on a messaging app however it lacks any voice/video calling options.

Allo for web was first announced back in February with a launch expected around Google I/O 2017, though, it is only now that it has arrived.

Currently only Android phones are supported on the web, with support for iPhones coming later this year. The process is quite similar to how WhatsApp deals with its web audiences.

How to Use Allo on Desktop

You’ll need to open the mobile application as well as Allo on a browser. Select “Allo for web” on the mobile app, followed by “Scan QR code”. A QR code will be displayed in the browser, which will let you pair your phone with Allo’s web version.

Google Allo supports the Google Assistant by default, marking the assistant’s arrival on desktop as well. As one would expect, the service works only in Chrome so it is not a true web version.

About Google Allo

Google Allo is a smart messaging application which learns the users’ preferences (particularly with smart replies) with time.  There’s also an incognito mode, similar to private modes on other popular messaging services like Telegram. External links to restaurants or the movies can also be suggested.

Similar to Gmail, the service supports Smart Replies, which allow you to quickly respond to messages via a pre-programmed message. These messages get altered with time as the service learns more about you.

Not So Popular

Google Allo hasn’t caught fire as its maker would’ve hoped, given the long list of alternatives. However, it does have a pretty deep reach in some emerging market such as India, which is home to 38-percent of Allo’s 21 million users.

If you’re an ardent Allo backer (or simply a curious soul), you can explore the new platform by clicking here.

Download Google Allo for Android.

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