IESCO Caught Overbilling Customers

Citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have organized a protest against Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) due to serving of inflated electricity bills. The overbilling was caused by a fault in IESCO’s online system.

According to media reports, due to a virus in their online system, IESCO has sent electricity bills running into thousands to domestic consumers whose bills never surpass a few hundred rupees.

Labour Class Overbilled The Most

These bills have been prepared on the basis of estimated consumption of units which have caused no shortage of complaints fromlow paid government and private employees, particularly by the labour class.

“If there is a defect in the online system then why are we being punished for this fault,” said a group of laborers.

The citizens have appealed to the CEO of IESCO to look into the matter personally and order to issue electricity bills on the basis of actual consumption in addition to withdrawing or correcting the exorbitantly excessive bills.

Sui Southern and K-Electric Overbilling

The twin cities aren’t the only ones suffering from overbilling. Recently Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) and K-Electric were focal point of a number of protests and riots in Karachi.

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SSGC in particular was under fire for adding extra charges under the Passing Unregistered Gas (PUG) of the utility bills. According to an official from SSGC, the PUG levy is being used to improve the company’s financial health. About 108,000 consumers have been overbilled by Sui Southern between January and June 2017.

  • New meters lagaye hain K-Electric nay us k baad say bills almost double hogaye hain. Awam ko dono hathon say loot rahay hain. Aur apnay aap ko present aisay kartay hani jaisay Insaniat ke khidmat kar k hamaray oopar ahsan kar rahay hain @#@#!!!**

  • With one 1.5 ton inverter AC running 3-4 hours a day max, I got 22k bill for the month of July. Actual bill was 12K.. but with service charges, taxes and other stuff it became 22k.

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