Google Chrome to Get More Annoying With A New Update

Google Chrome users may have noticed the green padlock showing secure websites – those which use HTTPS – and the ‘Not Secure’ message while entering passwords on a simple HTTP website. HTTP websites don’t use encrypted web protocols, which is why Chrome displays a warning.

HTTP websites also have an ‘i’ symbol displayed against the address, which shows a warning message saying ‘Your connection to this website is not secure’.

The Update

Well, Chrome is going to be a little annoying starting from October. It will display popup warnings a lot more often.

You’ll be receiving a ‘Not Secure’ warning far more regularly, provided the websites don’t take a swift reaction and move to the more reliable HTTPS technique. So when you enter any information – from search terms to typing email for newsletter subscriptions – on any unencrypted website, you will see the ‘Not Secure’ message.

The incognito mode will show a warning for all the non-HTTPS websites as well, even if there’s no data field or form. It will be the same even outside the incognito mode, eventually.

“We plan to show the ‘Not secure’ warning for all HTTP pages, even outside Incognito mode”, says Chrome Security team.

Pros and Cons

This may be a good thing because more websites will be forced to move to HTTPS, making the internet a lot more secure. However, it’s not a welcome news for e-commerce websites considering the fact that the new update will be released before the holiday shopping season. The security warnings for such websites can scare the potential shoppers away, believes Brian Klais, the CEO of mobile-technology consulting firm Pure Oxygen Labs.

Mozilla has conducted a research study which reveals that only 60% of the web traffic is encrypted, whereas another study by Pure Oxygen Labs elucidates that 40 out of the 100 biggest e-commerce names are not HTTPS-protected.

Other Browsers

Firefox doesn’t display the warning message yet but does show the unsecured website symbol (lock and a red line through it) for HTTP websites that ask for information. Safari and Edge neither display green lock nor display warning messages.

Chrome is the most widely used browser and its possible that other browsers may follow the update. Opera and Vivaldi are based on the Chromium platform, so its possible these browsers might be the first ones to follow the Chrome browser.

The new update will have its own advantages and drawbacks, but let’s see how it fares.

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  • Well, Obviously, it has prose and cons, I am looking for Abdul Wahab to pay SPECIAL lights on this article.

  • Meh. Using Edge for a while now, it’s lighter and faster. Chrome is becoming a bloated mess.

  • UC is far better than Chrome and Edge! Once started using it and never felt any reason to move to any other browser.

    • Uc privacy policy is worst ask for many permission to run.. And there is report of giving data to 3rd party..

      • I’m not talking about Mobile Browser but PC version.
        There might be but sometimes these reports are politically motivated, I have my fair share of skepticism of Western Media and Edward Snowden is another reason how Google and other Western companies are invading privacy!

        • Nothing is secure until you make changes in your hardware module… Camera mic.
          Like edward Snowden explained in vive series stat of Surveillance with ES

          • Yep. Privacy doesn’t exist on the internet realistically speaking. Information is collected in one way or another!

          • Sure. But considering cannot have it’s own GPS kinda system in the foreseeable future, I’m hoping BDS ( Beidou Navigation System) starts operating here in Pak and we should have it instead of GPS! At least, China is trustworthy unlike US which is wolf in a sheep cloth!

  • As for mobile browser is concerned I love Samsung browser… It works on non Samsung too
    Ad blocker
    Night mode it’s in beta
    Built in Video player which i love most pop up and also full screen helps a lot in watching football live matches.
    Bookmark sync.
    Private mode
    Faster than chrome.
    Beautiful ui.
    Try it on Google play… Samsung browser or beta.

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