You Can Now Make Multiple Stops with Your Uber Ride

Uber confirmed that it has introduced a new muti-destination feature in Pakistan which will enable passengers to add multiple stops before the car arrives at their location.

Uber’s​ new multiple destination feature lets a passenger add extra stops throughout their journey to pick up and drop off other passengers. The passenger can see the price of the entire ride before they jump in the car.

The new feature may prove to be helpful for many.

How To Use It

To use the new feature, simply tap the “+” icon, while entering your destination.

You can add multiple stops during the ride and all the stops added meanwhile will instantly update the Uber driver’s route automatically.

Passengers can add up to 3 stops on one trip.

Many people claim that the service is ideal for people who want to pick up their friends, children or anyone else on their way to someplace. It will help busy people to pick up items on their way to a destination as well.

Before arriving in Pakistan, this feature was tested out in New Zealand and it proved to be a great success.

New Zealand spokesman, Caspar Nixon, has said:

The more places the driver goes, he is happier, not grumpier. If the wheels are turning, he is earning.

It remains to be seen what sort of a response Uber will get from Pakistan but it’s surely unique, which might concern some of its competitors in Pakistan.

Note: If you don’t see the latest feature then update your Uber app.


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  • Couldn’t we do it before? Just ask the driver, ‘yar us side se hotay jana, aik dost ko pick krna hy’.

    • But there are some drivers who are stubborn and say that this is not their obligation to drop or pick someone on unmentioned location(s). So this can shut them up.

      • Never found (even) one captain in Careem who said that ‘I don’t want to go there/Its not part of the route’ in 150+ rides :)

        • Happened to me once on Careem. No other case. To be honest, I think it was because the trip was long and due to promo code and having money in wallet the overall fare was only hundred rupees and that pissed him up lol so he said this which I have written above. But overall, yes this doesn’t happen, only rarely.

  • My brother used an Uber with his friends and asked the driver to drop off each person to his home. The driver did it without any choon chaan.

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