Zong Commits to Reinvest All Revenues Earned within Pakistan

Zong 4G has reaffirmed its commitment to leading Pakistan’s Digital revolution by continuing to reinvest all earned revenues in Pakistan.

As part of its parent company, China Mobile Pakistan’s focus on the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, Zong 4G is fully geared towards digitally transforming the lives of the Pakistani people keeping to its overarching vision of shared prosperity at a regional level.

Through a series of sustainable and well-targeted investments the company has remained dedicated to expanding not only the country’s communications infrastructure, but also the potential of the very people that are helping build it.

“Any revenue earned from the people of Pakistan will be spent back on the people of Pakistan, to give them a stable, advanced and reliable network” explained Maham Dard company spokesperson and Director Corporate Affairs & Strategy.

“Our first goal is to help the Pakistani people adopt a digital lifestyle through Zong 4G. We will continue to re-invest in Pakistan, on the Pakistani people”, he added.

By adding to its investments already worth $3 Billion over the past few years, Zong 4G aims to further scale up its network by increasing the number of its 3G/4G sites to around 10,500 by the end of the current year.

It is based on this inherent potential of the Pakistani people that the company continues to reinvest in and lay the foundations of Pakistan’s future trajectory.

A foundation on which it can it can help digitally empower the people of Pakistan from the ground up, and help realize its vision of a ‘New Dream’.

  • PTA should make 3G feature mandatory in all feature phones for type approvals in order to achieve 100% 3G/4G users in Pakistan for next 3-4 years.

    • After converting 100% 4g sites zong will introduced volte and volte feature phone. Hard cheese step by step Hovingham. Agar coverage na how tu volte set makes Joya caudal bhai. Let’s wait and watch.

  • Zong should launch 3G/4G services at their 900 MHz to solve coverage problems in hilly areas.
    As Telenor has 4G at 850 MHz & Jazz is planning to launch 3G/4G at their 900 MHz band soon.

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