Cleanliness Plan Prepared for Lahore on Eid

The Lahore Waste Management Company (LMWC) is fully prepared with a comprehensive cleanliness plan to keep the city clean as Eid approaches.

According to the LWMC Managing Director Bilal Mustafa Syed, 14,000 employees from the company will work to ensure cleanliness in the city. Officials and the senior management will remain on the field to ensure the targeted plan is achieved as per orders.

LMWC in Action

Mr. Bilal told media that 170 workers, along with the necessary machinery have already been deployed in seven of the city’s major markets.

The company’s mission includes:

  • A zero waste operation a night before Eid (Chaand Raat), to collect waste from the city.
  • An establishment of 274 sanitation camps in union councils of Lahore
  • Establishment of 116 temporary waste collection and transfer stations that will cover animal waste of private housing societies.
  • Collection of municipal solid waste from all the graveyards of the city.
  • Additional LMWC staff serving to resident’s complaints made on their helpline.

LWMC is also aiming to educate residents and gain their support for ensuring a clean city.

The company has reached out to schools and markets in many towns to raise awareness, shared LWMC’s Senior Manager Communication Ali Mazhar Chaudhary.

Union Council (UC) camps, major mosques and stores will be equipped with awareness material, along with two million customized biodegradable waste bags. The material will be available before and during Eid.

18 model camps will also be a part of the operation, and will provide the same services as UC camps to provide sanitation.

Animal Waste Disposal a Huge Challenge

Syed pointed out that collection and transportation of animal waste is a big challenge. He ensured that proper arrangements have been made to deal with the upcoming situation however he said,

“These efforts can result in an even better and more effective outcome if residents start lending a helping hand to workers by ensuring the use of provided waste bags.”

Last year, the company disposed as much as 30,000 tonnes of waste during the three days of Eid. The amount of waste is likely to increase this year.

The company ensured that the waste is disposed in a scientific manner, preventing residents from any harmful and unhealthy consequences.

  • Rather than developing Punjab waste management company the Sharif brothers put all funding in Lahore waste management company (LWMC). Where is Punjab Waste Mangement Company (PWMC)?. Why only LWMC?. So what about the cleanliness plans for the rest of Punjab.?.
    Kindly treat every city of Punjab equally. Every resource of Punjab is put into one city and this is sheer discrimination and nothing else.

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