Government Looking to Regulate Services of Ride-Hailing Apps Again

Both Uber and Careem are very well established now in Pakistan and thousands of people use it everyday. They’re no doubt cheaper than traditional taxi services and rickshaws, and more reliable too.

Unfortunately, taxi services that have existed before the ride-hailing services regularly protest against these app-based taxis. And now, it seems that the government is hoping to do something about it.

Just days after a recent protest by the local taxi owners, the Islamabad Transport Authority (ITA) suggested that cars that are working for ride-hailing services should display a sticker on their windshield to identify them. Not only that, but a government-regulated tariff will also be imposed on them.

The ITA argues that the regulated taxes would help bring an end to continuous troubles between both riding-hailing services and the local taxi drivers. However, there’s still no word on how the tariff is going to be adjusted or what the rates are going to be.

Each vehicle will also be required to have a fitness certificate too which will be issued by the Motor Vehicle Examiner (MVE).

Moreover, a route permit will also be issued to these services which they will have to follow strictly. As mentioned before, a sticker will also be needed on those vehicles for easier identification of cars using ride-hailing apps.

Concluding Thoughts

Careem and Uber have both been facing some tough times since their arrival in Pakistan from the traditional taxi drivers. Many people believe that the entry of these new services have not only made their commute easier and affordable, but the generally new condition of the cars that are part of ride-hailing services also attracts people.

Having ensured that cars of a certain model and age are allowed as part of their services, it is mind-boggling that they are being made to carry fitness certificates. On the contrary, the condition of local taxis is dismal in general.

Arguably, rates from ride-hailing services tend to be lower than those offered by taxis. That is another reason why taxi owners want the government to ‘regulate’ the ride hailing services.

  • Keep it up so-called “BA Pass” Bureaucrats, If you couldn’t do any thing good in 70 years, do something bad, very bad. I am proud of you guys. Kill the innovation, kill the internet.

    • Fitness certificates are a sham just to extort more taxes out of the people. All the public buses in Karachi and 95% of the yellow cabs aren’t fit for transporting death-row inmates, let alone capable of passing a fitness certificate. Yet no one has ever tried to impose a regulation there. Retards just want more money out of our pockets.

  • Do Local taxi service and yellow taxi service hold fitness certificates? If yes than we are done with this fitness certificate.

  • They should be applying general rules to all transporters like mandatory fitness certificate for both hailing services and regular taxis. Tax is important but they are applying taxes on us like we are mf idiots.

  • Its a complete joke. You never going to sit in those Kaali Peeli taxis again. Awaam ko chor do Islamabad walay logoo ko pata nahi kaun sa keera kaatta hay hr thoray din baad halakay careem ny to vaha peeli taxis bhi on board li hoe hay lakin kun safar karay itni mehngi rates mei peeli taxis mei jis mei na to AC aur LPG ki gundi butbo. Shame on such our actors who always loot us.

  • huh…. we will make sure that our country is very properly destroyed !!!! what is wrong with us???

  • we finally had a chance to grow here, but typical people don’t want to grow neither want others to grow.
    Many of us became investors and others got jobs to drive due to careem and uber…

  • In Pakistan regulating a industry means “holding control over industry & minting money”.. same like current implemented democracy for welfare of peoples .

  • Route permit for reaching your home and pick you up and drop you where you want? Another stupidity by stupid politicians (Khaptan Included).

  • Aur lao aisi hukamrano ko, jo aisi zalalat karain.

    Jaisi awam, waisy hukamran
    waisa hi qanoon, waisa hi nizam
    Wah-re awam-e-pakistan

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