Here’s Why You Should Try Out Buhat Ala for Online Shopping

The online shopping trend is growing rapidly in Pakistan, leading many entrepreneurs to launch their customized e-commerce platforms.

The newest entrant to this online shopping craze is Buhat Ala. As its name states – is it really buhat ala? What does it offer which the other online shopping sites don’t?

Here are a few reasons that Buhat Ala claims help people differentiate their offerings from others.

Buhat Ala claims that their product price is lowest when compared to other websites and shops. Kitchen appliances for starters, their prices beat the prices offered by other e-commerce stores.

Buhat Ala is selling this Sinbo Blender at just 4,815/- while other websites are selling at Rs. 5,295/-


This WestPoint Deluxe Kitchen Chef ‘Metallic Gold’ edition costs 5,899/- at other online stores while at Buhat Ala it is being sold at just 5,603/- Rupees.

Moving on to larger electronics and appliances


This Top Loading Semi Automatic KENWOOD washing machine costs 14,090/- Rupees. Buhat Ala is selling it at 13,500/-


Samsung Joy Series HD ready TV costs 29,299/- at a major ecommerce retailer while it is just 26,800/- at Buhat Ala

These are just a few representations of a wide range of products that are available in lowest prices only at Buhat Ala.

You can buy fashion wear for men and women, home ware and appliances, health and beauty products, mobile phones and tablets, and even large appliances like refrigerator, TV, air conditioners and many more products at low prices and from the comfort of your home.

Secondly, Buhatala claims that they offer a very good customer service. They say that all queries and complaints are dealt with immediately.

They also claim to offer a ‘No-questions-asked’ Return Policy. Very few websites in Pakistan offer this policy, and often with caveats. Whether the product delivered was the same you saw on the website and delivered in time, but for any reason you don’t like it they will take it back with full refund.

Last but not the least, Buhat Ala claims that it stocks great quality products for its customers.

Another factor which matters to customers is delivery time. promises quick delivery across Pakistan and internationally. Also, they are offering free delivery these days as well so now may be a good time to test their services and see for yourselves.

You can check out Buhat Ala today.

  • Prices are higher which are mentioned in the article. After having look at the article i even not thinking to visit it.

  • Their prices are way high. For example:
    Daraz is selling Seagate 2TB HDD at Rs. 8500 while BuhatAla price is Rs. 10,200.?

    And I believe Market price will be ~8000 for it.

  • saari duniya ko prices maloom hotay hain, aur yeh haramkhor online stores sirf paisay barha ke cheez bechte hein ……. aur SALE se barh ke mazaq to hota nahi …….

    kyun mazaq karte ho, bajanay ke liye hukmraan kiya kam thay ? …… volume 10 ki aulaad hein sab !

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