KP Govt to Combat Dengue with Health Portal

Amidst growing concern over the spread of the Dengue virus in Peshawar, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB) has developed a “Health Portal” application.

Citizens will now be able to identify and report Dengue anywhere in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but the application can also be used for reporting and monitoring, and citizen feedback on any public health issue in the province. The Health Portal app will have easy to understand infographics and content in both Urdu and English.

Citizens can also now call “1700” and access the Dengue Health Helpline 24 hours a day. The Health Portal App will be available to download on Google Play Store in the coming days.

Health workers can also login to the app to report updates on treatment activities, and when they recognize symptoms of infectious diseases in communities across the province.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department will mobilize staff and resources in response to citizen concerns and use the data collected to identify public health trends and monitor health worker performance.

KP IT Board has also developed a computerized “dashboard” that analyzes the data as it’s coming in for the Health Department.

Dr. Shahbaz Khan, Managing Director of KPITB said,

“We were asked if there was a way technology could help calm growing public concerns around dengue, and we took that as an opportunity to build something that could potentially transform the public health sector in the province. I am extremely proud of my team and we hope to ensure successful deployment of the app in the coming days”

The quick development of the application is also a testament to how technology can be used to improve all types of government service delivery and how government departments can collaborate.

    • The whole platform was developed by an in-house team of KPITB in less than 24 hours as stated in a press conference. Better than PITBs app and no ‘waste’ of public funds!

      • Do you know that the software division of KP is trained by Punjab Gov specialists in the past?. Do you know they were invited and trained in Lahore for many months in the past.

        But I would like to add that Pushtoons are racists. They will get the ideas from Punjab but they will never have guts to acknowledge it publicly. Even the name KPITB is blatanly copied from PITB.

        A racist person will never acknowledge that they can get ideas from others, Since in this manner the racist person will get a shame because according to Pushtoons Punjabis are daal Khors and how come High class Pushtoons can be trained from low class Daal Khors. Right???.

        • Is there any point mentioned in the story or comments which shows Pashtuns as racist and who told you that they copy everything from you; if so i think PESCO, KESCO is also copy of each other but its not.

          Regarding training of KPITB staff i am not sure but it is not rocket science to develop an app which already develop by Punjab board, you are using the same tactics and we are using the same because the objective is same. if 2+2 is 4 in Punjab it must be 4 in KP.

          If you want to dig racism of Punjab and KP try to watch recent 3rd class poetry of Jawad Hassan against Pashtuns; regarding Dall Khor term it is widely used in Afghanistan not in KP.

        • Sami,

          If some pashtoons are racist then some punjabis are racists too, why label all pashtoons ? Why are you trying to spark hatred between the two ? I have seen even even a kid in Punjab would call an elderly pashtoon “oye Khan”…in Punjab impression is tha pashtoons are only “chowkaydar” and in KPK Punjabis are known for compromising on self respect. What is this low class mentality bro ?

          Grow up please.

          Your own comments are showing so much grudge for pashtoons, raise your mentality for your brothers, more than language, area and class more important is our country which was made for the believers of one religion irrespective of who they are.

          P.S KPITB was established with the help of PITB, if provincial govt. of KPK isn’t recognizing this blame PTI govt. for that not pashtoons.

    • I have personally used the PITB’s app that is having technical issues. in that app a citizen is required to upload before and after images of the infected locality/area at the same time, how a citizen can upload before and after pictures of the same area at same time?. Moreover, there is no GIS system embedded in app for viewing the patients and incident’s statistics, a two screen app that doesn’t have information for public use of how to combat dengue.

      • But this doesn’t change the fact that KPITB was established with the technical expertise of PITB.

        • It was only established about 5 years ago but recently galvanized with the appointment of new MD about an year ago. Just visit the facebook page or website of KPITB and you will notice that with the new initiatives, now PITB is following KPITB. KPITB just announced the establishment of Pakistan’s first Cyber Emergency and Response Center, and PITB will follow suit to do the same. KPITB started a program for Youth Employment and PITB renamed it as E-rozgar scheme. Admit it, PITB is just a projection platform for Dr. Umar Saif. Just visit the facebook page of PITB and almost every post is about Umar Saif rather than any good initiative with substance.

    • First of all, the app developed by PITB does not offer much and is very basic. Secondly, no public funds were wasted as the app by KPITB was developed in-house by the team of KPITB in less than 24 hours.

    • Don’t worry KPITB has full support from PITB which KPK govt. requested from Punjab govt. and was provided immediately at the time of execution of KPITB project.

  • A blatant copy of Punjab’s software. KP just copied the whole design of Punjab’s software and then renamed it. The problem is that Pushtoons are racists and they think that it will be against their dignity to get this software from the region of Punjab as according to Pushtoons Punjabis are lower class people than them and it will be a shame to ask for the software from the Punjab government.

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