Pakistani Pilgrims to Get Guides During This Hajj

To facilitate pilgrims, an effective guidance system will be in place at the tent city of Mina, where assistants would spend the first day of Hajj rituals to guide Pakistani pilgrims locate their tents and routes, state media reported.

In an interview, Director General Hajj Sajid Yousafani said there will be pickets of Moavneens (assistants) close to the tents of Pakistani pilgrims. These Moavneens, clad in green jackets and carrying small Pakistani flags, will be provided with Mina maps to properly guide the Hujjaj.

Mina Maps

He said Mina Maps have been printed and will also be distributed amongst the Hujjaj so that they could themselves locate where they need to go. Additionally, a main office has also been established in Mina from where Pakistani pilgrims can seek any kind of guidance.

The Director General Hajj said that Mina is a well-organized valley having longitudinal roads with poles. He said the Hujjaj should note the numbers nearest to their tent in order to avoid any inconvenience.

More Than 2000 Assistants Deployed

Sajid Yousafani said over two thousand people will be deployed in Mina for the assistance of Hujjaj. These include six hundred Moavneens and about fifteen hundred personnel of Pakistan Hajj Volunteer Group (PHVG).

He said the volunteer group comprises of well-educated people who are fully acquainted with the routes of the area. He said these will not only guide the Hujjaj in Mina but also on their way back to Aziziya.

Will Be Given Train Tickets and Maktab Numbers

He said the Hujjaj will be provided with Maktab numbers and train tickets two days before their departure for Mina. He however, pointed out that not all the Pakistani Hujjaj will get the train tickets.

He said train and buses are the two means of transportation. About forty five to forty six thousand Pakistani pilgrims will get train tickets while the remaining will travel by buses.

He clarified that the Hujjaj whose tents are away from the train stations are not given train tickets. Issuance of train tickets is also the discretion of Saudi authorities.

The Director General Hajj also advised the Hujjaj to fully comply with the instructions being issued or to be given to them in the next few days. He said each maktab will have different timings for Rami, the stoning of devil, which will be conveyed to them well in time.

    • Maybe no haji will read it but they will find local help in the form of hajj volunteers. I have seen so many Pakistani volunteers wearing green dress when I visited Makkah last time for Umrah, probably 10 days before hajj month started.

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