This Company Just Made Up for an Order Mishap in a Very Unique Way

Who does not understand the pain of moving into a new house? You are in a new place, with little to no idea of what’s where, stacked boxes all around and no food because the kitchen is upside down!

Omar, CEO of a media company and a long-time Foodpanda customer, recently had to go through this phase. After moving to their new place, and after a very hectic day, he and his children were hungry and just waiting for some food. Seeing as how there was no other option, Omar decided to call up FoodPanda. He placed an order through foodpanda and after 2 hours of waiting, unfortunately, this is what happened:

That wasn’t it. He also decided to contact foodpanda’s Director Operations personally on Linkedin.

Then went out a call from Asim. Omar’s first words were:

‘I understand that such things happen but this one thing shouldn’t have happened.’

Omar explained while operational blunders do happen, this one left his family more than just hungry. They just moved to Pakistan from abroad and were quite skeptical about living here. Omar was trying hard to convince them that things are not as bad here as the foreign media portrays it. However, its the little things that counted and as usual, there was a lot of blame being shared. Will that be how things are going to be from now onwards for Omar and his family?

Realizing the fact that foodpanda owns the online food delivery in Pakistan and is the custodian of customer service in this arena, the foodpanda team immediately decided to make up for this mess by going the extra mile for Omar and his kids.

Here’s What Happened Next

It was a usual day at Starcom’s office when a life-sized panda walked into the premises. Everyone was amused.

But that wasn’t all. Foodpanda’s Asim and a few of his team members also joined the FP mascot. To convey their apologies with a lovely cake and a sorry note.

Omar’s immediate reaction was:

‘This is the weirdest thing that has happened to me all day!’

This is what Omar posted on his Linkedin afterwards:

It may not be much, but Foodpanda’s gesture goes to show how some companies in Pakistan are closely listening to customer feedback. Foodpanda hopes to keep the trend of good service and ensure a good image of companies who are doing all they can to instill a spirit of goodwill and joy in the country.

  • Food delivery is a very terrible job. No matter how much you improve, when it comes to hunger, there is no other way round to go dine out. I totally agree @@AbdulWAHABAlam:disqus

      • True. Thanda khana, wo bhi pata nahi kab aey.
        I noticed when you order food, you cannot do anything else other than just waiting waiting and waiting. So dine out boy & eat hot & fresh!

        It’s not like sabzi jo kal dopehr ko pakni hay. Mujhy abhi kay abhi khana hay bai

  • How’s this click bait? Title says Foodpanda made up for their mishap in a unique way and it turns out they did.

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